Tim Scott Abruptly Ends 2024 Presidential Bid


Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C. has pulled out of the presidential race in 2024.

Scott announced his decision to Trey Gowdy on “Sunday Night In America”.

Scott said to Gowdy, “Traveling around this country and meeting people has been one of the most wonderful experiences in my life.”

“I love America today more than I did May 22nd. But when I return to Iowa it won’t be as a candidate for president. Scott announced that he was suspending his campaign. I think that the voters, the most amazing people on earth, have told me very clearly, “Not now, Tim.”

Tim Scott is someone I have always liked, but his chances of winning were never good as long as Trump was running. Scott’s RealClearPolitics Spread was +26 at the time he announced his candidacy. Since then, it has increased to +44.1. Scott polled lower than Mike Pence who dropped out of the race last month.

“Tim Scott has great faith and is an inspiration for so many. His participation made the Republican primary better.” Nikki Haley wrote on X/Twitter that South Carolina was blessed to keep him as its senator.

Scott, unlike Larry Elder who endorsed Trump when he dropped out of the race after announcing his withdrawal, chose to not make any endorsement.

Scott said, “I will recommend that voters examine each candidate’s candidacy and honestly, their past before making a decision about the future of our country.” “I think the best way to help is not to weigh in on their choice of candidate.”