The White House Wants $3.4 Billion for Border Security


Rep. Henry Cuellar (D.Texas), made a Sunday appearance at Face the Nation. Cuellar stated that the Biden administration’s plan to address the border problem is not feasible. Cuellar made it clear that the White House is blaming others, including Congress and the GOP for the mess. His main focus seems to be to move people further into the U.S. Interior and feed and shelter them with very little attention to security concerns.

Fox News reported that illegal immigrants will explode once Title 42 expires. This was obvious. You may not know that the Biden administration also requested $3.4 million to prepare for the influx. CNS News reported that Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, said recently that Republicans must be strong when it comes to securing the border. She stated that $3.4 billion was not enough.

Funding will be used to integrate surveillance towers, inspect tech, Border Patrol rotor — helicopter sensor upgrades and rotary wing aircraft sensor upgrades, tactical maritime time surveillance systems, law enforcement radios, faster asylum claims processing, and many other things.

Jean-Pierre also commented, “The money would …ensure the Department of Homeland Security men and women have the resources needed to secure our borders and create a safe, orderly, and humane immigration system.”

Is it too little too late? Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council, appeared on America’s Newsroom Monday morning and said these words:

Is the Biden administration truly concerned about the problem beyond too little too late? Jean-Pierre was mocked for saying the White House had been “doing work” on the border (the Left loves this phrase) while accusing Republicans of “political stunts.”

Keisha Lance Bottoms, White House senior adviser, fumbled for an explanation when Biden was asked why he didn’t visit the border during an Arizona junket. She replied that the president’s travel is more disruptive than for the rest of us. With all the people responsible for planning the itinerary and logistics for the President, it was impossible for him to experience the effects of what is likely to be the most serious domestic crisis in our history.

That is doubtful. Everybody, even your dog, knows that we have been having a problem at the border for some years now. This administration has had ample time to address the issue. It could if it so desired. While the illegal immigration surge will increase the number of Democrats without documentation, the person who prepares Biden’s oatmeal and talks about the problems the country is facing also knows this. Illegal immigration is a problem that will need more government to solve. More Democrats. More money. The bill now totals $3.4 billion. I am sure that the Democrats will provide you with all the government you need, or won’t be able to pay.