The UN Is Rushing to Cover Up Hamas Stealing Aid from the UN


Recent robberies have taken place at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in Gaza. A large amount of fuel was stolen.

UNRWA released a statement Monday claiming that trucks posing as the “Ministry of Health”, from “de facto authorities” in Gaza, removed fuel and medical supplies from its staging area.

Who are the “de facto authorities in Gaza?” Hamas is the answer, but UN agencies are very careful to not mention them by their name as they have been close allies for a long time. It is not surprising that the thread was removed shortly after it was posted.

Israel Katz, the Israeli minister of foreign affairs, responded that no aid should be sent to Gaza unless Hamas has been eliminated.

Hamas, in other words, is stealing the “humanitarian assistance” from the Palestinians. It’s not worth giving them anything until Nazi Hamas is eliminated.

It is almost impossible that the fuel stolen will be used to support Hamas’s combat operations. Hamas has been stealing humanitarian aid for years and repurposing civilian infrastructure projects to boost its war machine. The terrorist group and the ruling authority in Gaza released a highly produced video boasting about digging up water pipes for the production of rockets. This raid is not surprising, as it will prolong the war, and rob the Palestinians of their basic needs (the fuel would have been used to power desalination water).

It’s interesting to see how subservient the UN is towards Hamas. Why was this statement removed when it clearly shared factual information with the public? This is a rhetorical statement. The UN is a hotbed for anti-Semitism, which serves the interests and agendas of terrorist groups. Hamas is no exception. Over the years, the UN’s anti-Israeli rhetoric has become parodic. Countries like Iran are allowed to wave their fingers in the UN’s “Human Rights Council.”

The internet will never die, and receipts are still available. Hamas puts its own people at risk, and deleting any statements won’t change that.