The Hot Dog Policy Mitt Romney Stands Firm On


Let’s look at what is currently making headlines in the news:

  • Donald Trump faces another indictment
  • Biden has been pressed to make reparations part of a national policy
  • IRS whistleblowers finally speak out and the evidence is damning to the Biden family
  • It is unlikely that the Strategic Petroleum Reserves will be replenished within our lifetime
  • Saudi Arabia’s output reduction has led to a rise in oil prices
  • Biden wants to mobilize reservists because the war in Ukraine is escalating
  • Paris and other parts of Europe are dealing with the violence of immigrants
  • Protestors stormed and set fire to the Swedish Embassy in Baghdad earlier today to protest plans by an Iraqi defector who wanted to burn a Quran copy
  • New York City no longer welcomes migrants, and some are kicked out of shelters
  • Central Bank Digital Currency is coming soon
  • In a new report, the House accuses Alejandro Mayorkas of repeatedly violating immigration laws

This is just a small selection of the highlights.

According to the Uniparty, despite the current news, Senator Pierre Delecto (D-Utah), has been instructed not to fret about these things. He took to Twitter to wax rhapsodic on National Hot Dog Day.

This joke is almost written by itself. It will have to be done since I would lose my job if I wrote it. You should still feel free to discuss amongst yourselves. It is notable that Romney displayed his usual foresight right away. The “Hot Dog” is not meat. Some hot dogs may be made with beef, chicken, or vegan alternatives. Pork is the main meat in hot dogs. Pork, fillers, perhaps hoof bits, and other parts are probably illegal to throw in a landfill. This says more about Romney than he realizes. He also backed the massive spending bill that was passed at the end of last year, which contained pork, fillers, and possibly hoof fragments. His support for green power is another example of his disregard for the people who work in the coal, oil, and gas industries in his state. Doesn’t the man love his pig? If you look at the press releases he’s issued, it appears that he has mainly co-sponsored and supported legislation of little importance. Compare that to Mike Lee. Enough said.

Please don’t ask why Utahns elected this person to be a Senator. He could easily achieve his goal of getting a board of directors position, an ambassadorship in Lower Slobovia or, God forbid, a cabinet post if he switched parties. We now know the reason he gave up his presidential bid midway: There was already a Democrat running.

He can still become a spokesperson for Oscar Mayer, even if he doesn’t achieve his lofty goals.