The Experts Finally Discover Why LGBTQ Youth Are Suicidal


Experts in Public Health, liberal and tolerant, seem to have finally identified, based hard clinical research, the true source of LGBTQ tm youth suicide.

Via Forbes:

The Trevor Project’s second annual National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health found alarming data about transgender, gay, bisexual, and other gender-nonconforming youth Americans. 48% of the group reported that they had engaged in self-harm in the past 12 months; this number rose to 60% in trans and nonbinary youth. Worse, 40% of respondents said that they had seriously considered suicide in the past 12 months. More than half of youth who identified themselves as trans and nonbinary stated that they considered ending their lives.

What could possibly drive 60% of non-binary kids to want to commit suicide?

Most likely bigotry

Forbes continues:

Researchers stated that the data sheds light on mental health disparities, discrimination, and housing instability, as well as barriers to accessing mental healthcare, conversion therapy, and suicide among LGBTQ youth.

It is not a coincidence that suicide rates increase when pop culture floods children’s corporate media programming. This was done to celebrate “Transgender Day of Visibility”, and parents encourage their four-year-old children “explore their genders.”

The classic example of correlation without causation is transgender propaganda directed at children and mental illness. According to Forbes, the real reason for LGBTQ +++ suicide is incorrect pronoun usage.

Pronouns are important, even to the point where life and death matter. Transgender youth and nonbinary youth reported that their pronouns were respected by most or all of their loved ones. They attempted suicide at half of the rate of people whose pronouns weren’t.

The other major obstacle to LGBTQ+ youths’ mental health is the tragic lack of access to the genital binding. Forbes elaborates:

Access to tools like binders, shapewear, and gender-affirming clothes by transgender or nonbinary youth was reported to have lower suicide attempts in the past year than those without these essentials.

Who would have thought? We should have called them “zhe” instead of tucking, packing, and binding their genitals aggressively. Their mental health will miraculously rebound, and they will live happy fulfilled lives. Duh! This is intuitive.

The mental health crisis among transgender teens is not caused by a campaign to convince young minds that their bodies are alien and that there is no way to reconcile them.

Puberty blockers and preschool gender theory are known to be loving, liberal, and wholesome. They feed a child’s soul.

Bigots, you can nod your head.