The Endangered Citizen


The 21st century has not turned out as we expected it to in grade school. We thought we would be on our way to flying cars and gleaming cities by now. What are we left with? What do we have? A generation of zombies is addicted to social media and their devices. This, along with an ever-expanding government presence, has not only atomized the notion of the community but also of the individual.


Arizona grandmother, Norma Thornton, 78, was arrested for feeding homeless people. Since 2018, Norma Thornton, a grandmother from Arizona, has been providing food for the homeless who gather at Bullhead City Community Park. According to The Blaze, police arrived at Thornton’s park in March as she was finishing up food distribution. After having a conversation with the brass officers, Thornton was arrested for selling food in public places without a license. This is illegal as it creates a nuisance and allows for illegal behavior and the accumulation of garbage and other waste. Thornton was fingerprinted and was charged with a misdemeanor. She was then given the order to return at a later time. Thornton could spend up to 120 days in prison, face almost $1,500 in fines and be subject to probation for up to two years. This seems excessive for a misdemeanor.

Thornton’s case has been taken up by the Institute for Justice, which is now suing her. Below is her story:

We all know how homelessness affects cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Portland. While one could argue that Norton’s efforts might be misguided and may increase the problem, it is also possible to see how well municipalities have dealt with the issue. Despite any flaws, Norton is still trying to fulfill the Great Commission by helping others in her part of the world. The municipality will not be impressed. Heaven will not allow a person or group to take matters into their own hands.

Pinky’s Space in New York City was demolished. It was an outdoor “dining room” that was popular in Manhattan. It was filled with art, plants, neon lights, and even a disco ball. It was a true hot spot. The shed was inspected by the city earlier in October and the city left. The city inspected the shed and told the owners to remove a non-food vending device and move a trashcan. Mimi Blitz, the owner of the machine, said that she had removed it and was now working on the trashcan issue. The Department of Transportation arrived on Thursday and basically wiped the place out. Blitz claims she was not warned about the impending demolition. She attempted to intervene but was threatened with arrest. According to the DOT, it had issued Blitz and other owners three warnings regarding noncompliance back in August. Pinky’s Space was one of many outdoor dining sheds that were built around the Big Apple in the aftermath of the pandemic. They have since been destroyed. Residents have complained that the businesses attract rats and trash. It is strange that only 2% of Gotham, according to Fox News, has problems with filthy streets. Although residents disagree with this statement, who is to say?

What about Pinky’s Space? It was likely a place where elite, elitist left-wingers gathered to laugh at the common people while sipping designer cocktails or sipping mimosas while reading The New York Times Sunday Edition. You don’t have to believe them, right? Well, no. No matter what her political views, Blitz stuffed everything into her dining room. Her business, and others like it, helped to keep the private enterprise afloat in the panic. It is now gone. The city is currently working on a “permanent plan” to address the problem. The program was not detailed but the city will continue to take down abandoned sheds as well as those that have a history of health violations. Pinky’s Space did not mention any of these.

Norma Thornton, back in Arizona, had to relocate her business to an alley. Even the officer who took her into custody was ashamed.

You will notice that the government in these cases did not offer any assistance or give these individuals options to make their pursuits as safe and successful as possible. They were simply closed down by the municipalities. Pinky was not only plagued by the problem of a trashcan and a vending machine but also lacked a list of violations or improvements. Thornton was taken into custody.

The new America will not allow you to wear your drag outfit. In fact, eventually, even if it is, you will be required to wear your gray jumpsuit to get to work. Before you return to work, you will be informed when it is time for two minutes of hate. The state will have exclusive jurisdiction over business, entrepreneurship, and acts of compassion. You will feel like you’ve never experienced it before.