Texas Sheriff Announces Investigation Into Illegal Migrant Flights to Martha’s Vineyard


The announcement made by a Texas sheriff on Monday was the result of a probe into allegations that illegal immigrants were “lured” to board flights chartered under the Republican Florida governor.

Javier Salazar (Bexar County Sheriff) stated that an illegal Venezuelan immigrant was hired to “recruit others” to board planes “under false pretenses.” Salazar explained that he had spoken to Rachel Self, a Boston attorney and that she hadn’t interviewed her clients yet.

Salazar said that the allegations he has heard are “disgusting.” “He would prefer to know as soon as possible what charges will be brought against him, and to whom. ”

Salazar said that he believes that there is criminal activity. However, for the moment, we are trying not to lose sight of the possibility and will investigate to see if any laws have been broken.

DeSantis flew in two illegal migrants from Texas to the island on Wednesday.

Some passengers claimed they weren’t told by media outlets that their flights were heading for Martha’s Vineyard.

Taryn Fenske told the Daily Caller News Foundation that immigrants were willing to leave Bexar County, even if they were homeless or abandoned.

The DCNF obtained recently documents that illegal migrants needed to present before they could board flights to Martha’s Vineyard. A source who is familiar with the situation informed the DCNF that multiple times illegal migrants were asked if they would like to travel.

Fenske stated that these individuals have been provided accommodation, food, and clothing unless the MA National Guard had abandoned them. This contrasts with the 53 illegal immigrants killed in a truck that was abandoned in Bexar County last June.

Salazar’s actions are similar to those taken by DeSantis critics, like the Democratic California Governor. Gavin Newsom wrote a Thursday letter asking Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate allegations of “kidnapping” and other civil rights violations.