Texas Officials Puzzled by Precise Removal of Cattle Genitalia and Tongues With No Blood or Tracks Left Behind


Texas officials were baffled when they discovered that the tongues and genitalia of several cattle had been removed. There was no blood or signs of struggle anywhere near the dead cattle.

This week, six cattle were found dead in Madison County. The cause of death remains a mystery.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office has released a press release about the mysterious deaths of cattle.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office stated that the “cuts were straight, clean, and precise, leaving the meat beneath the removed hide undamaged.” The tongue was completely removed from the body, without any blood spillage.

Police reported finding no evidence that the animal was a victim of a fight, tire tracks, or footprints.

In the statement, it was stated that “Ranchers have reported that neither birds nor predators will scavenge carcasses of cows for several weeks.”

The police revealed that five other cattle deaths were eerily similar.

Madison County Sheriff’s Office stated, “The other cows were found in exactly the same condition.” The cattle were found lying on their sides, with the exposed jawline cut along it and the tongue removed. ”

For several weeks no other animal had eaten these five dead cows.

Two of the five cows had circular cuts that removed “the anus and external genitalia”. The police said that the cuts had been made with the same precision used on the cows’ jaws and other parts.

The cattle were discovered on a highway in three counties, Madison, Brazos, and Robertson. It was reported that each animal belonged to a different herd, and they were located in completely separate pastures.

Authorities have not yet determined the cause of death in all six cows.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone who has information on the suspicious deaths of cattle to call 936-348-2575.

In 2019, five bulls were found dead in Oregon with tongues and genitalia removed. There were no tracks or blood found near the dead animals.

In 2021, seven cattle were found mutilated on a ranch in Oregon. The Associated Press reported, “In most cases, the dead animal’s sex organs, tongue or eyes are cut away cleanly and there is no blood.”