Tensions Escalate in Glendale as Antifa Makes Another Violent Appearances at School Board Meetings


Antifa erupted in violence again after they showed up at a meeting of the Glendale School Board, where parents were protesting the promotion of “pride” month and gender ideology at their child’s school.

Video footage showed police in riot gear and temporary barriers being put up. The situation escalated, as multiple fights broke out and arrests were made.

I find it strange that journalists would link the sexualization of children with the LGBTQ movement in this direct manner. They don’t realize that they are implying the LGBTQ movement is the same as the sexualization of kids.

This is becoming a major dividing point in the ongoing culture war. The people who are in favor of forcing “pride months” and curriculums that promote LGBT ideology into schools think they can win if they label the opposing side as bigots. But parents are tired of playing this game and are not going to be intimidated.

This reporter, I do not know. I will not comment on the scope of his work. But if he believes that this is “all about a meeting of the school board,” he is missing the seriousness of the situation. For those protesting, this isn’t about a meeting of the school board. They want to protect their children from harmful indoctrination, which they see as directly at odds with their values. They are concerned about nothing else.

Violence broke out when far-left anti-protesters entered.

As the skirmishes continued, the police stepped in to make arrests. The barricades had been removed by the end of the night as the crowds dispersed.

Before the events of the school board meeting, GUSD Parents Voices published proof that Antifa planned and organized the protest.

Why would a group calling itself “Queer Nation LA”, show up at a meeting of the school board to fight parents? It’s not about indoctrinating and grooming children to hyper-sexualized dogma. Yet, groups calling themselves “Queer Nation LA” are coming to oppose the parents who want their kids to be able to read and do the math.

They are revealing their own secrets without realizing it. How many of those counter-protesters have kids in GUSD? The parents who are protesting don’t look like the caricatures that the far-left loves to use. There are many Armenian immigrants who are against what is being done to children. I will stress, however, that parents of any nationality or race are justified in protecting their kids.

I expect that these clashes will continue to escalate as long as Antifa, and other groups, refuse to let parents be parents. I don’t want violence to happen. I say that because violence is inevitable if the far-left groups don’t stop committing it.