Ted Cruz’s Fiery Takedown of Liberal Journalist at the Border Goes Viral


It’s fun to watch liberal “journalists”, who are activists, try to take on Ted Cruz about policy. The liberals always lose, but Cruz creates another internet meme.

Cruz was in Brownsville, Texas yesterday to meet with residents of the border town ahead of Title 42’s expiration. Cruz called a press scrum in order to criticize the Biden administration for dumping gas on the dumpster at the southern border. Our liberal journalist was dressed in the Orvis-inspired field outfit, which screamed: “No, seriously, I am a serious reporter.” But he wasn’t, as he demonstrated to Cruz by insisting that Republicans are responsible for the crisis.

The fireworks started when Cruz refused to listen. Cruz responded to the “reporter’s” challenge by saying: “Let’s ask you something.” What was the illegal immigration rate in 2020? “Do you know anything?” The reporter responded by asking Cruz how long he has been in office. For those who count, it’s been more than a decade.

Ted Cruz is hard to stop once he gets going.


Here is the brutal takedown word for word:

TED CRUZ: You have asked your question. If you wish to hold a media conference, please go over here. Hold on, I will answer his question.

This media reporter is happy to repeat the Democrats’ talking point, “Gosh, this problem can’t even be fixed.” There’s just one problem. This is a complete and utter lie.

We had the lowest illegal immigration rate in 45 years during 2020, the final year of Trump’s presidency. What have I done? I have championed Border Patrol and securing the Border, I have championed Remain in Mexico and we’ve turned the problem around.

Joe Biden was able to inherit the lowest illegal immigration rate in 45 years on his first day of office. You should be ashamed that he made political choices to create this problem. You’re a journalist and you are not reporting the facts. You’re telling lies.”

Ted Cruz has just given a masterclass on how to deal effectively with activist journalists. Take their scripted nonsense, written by the DNC for them, and return with a hail of facts. It always works.

It’s a good thing for us that Ted Cruz didn’t have his best moment yesterday. He reserved some of his finest comments for the Dems, and AOC as their poster girl for fake emotion:

Why is AOC absent? She still has the white pantsuit. Why isn’t she here, with her head in her hands?! They don’t care about the dead.

Ted Cruz brought yesterday’s debate to a boil by calling out Biden and the Dems for their lax policies on border security, as well as the humanitarian crisis created when illegals are given unrestricted access to the United States. It’s not pretty for children, either:

When those boys cross, will they be the teenagers who owe cartels thousands of dollars? The Biden administration sends them by plane to all the cities in America. They fly them to Kansas. The teenage boys are then forced to commit crimes for Mexican cartels to repay the debts they owe. They will murder their family if they do not pay. As bad as it is for boys, it’s worse for girls. There are thousands and thousands of teenage girls trapped in sex slave labor. You should be ashamed of yourself if you are in the media, and you don’t cover this issue.

The left will not talk about these things, and Teddy Roosevelt-cosplaying reporters won’t look into them. It paints a very grim picture of how radical leftist policy destroys countries. Ted Cruz is the only one who knows this and is brilliant at bringing it to light.