Ted Cruz Schools ‘The View’ During Visit in Epic Exchange


We’ve seen Democrats ducking debates throughout this election season, the most notable with the most ridiculous excuses has been Katie Hobbs, as I reported earlier. Even with an assist from ABC trying to cast Republican Kari Lake as the “bully,” Hobbs still looked like a coward for failing to put herself out there for the voters. It says a lot about her character, or the lack thereof.

Compare that with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) — who isn’t even running for office this year — doing an interview on the liberal den of crazy, “The View,” as he did on Monday. That takes bravery when you start with people who are dead set against you and fail to give the opposing view a fair hearing.

Cruz explained how he was doing a bus tour across America and people were hurting because of the record inflation under Joe Biden, that his Administration was a “trainwreck.”

But as he was talking about inflation, protesters began shouting from the audience. They were cursing so when you hear blanks here on the video, that’s them being bleeped out.

How typical. Leftists want to shut down anyone who thinks differently than they do. This says everything about how the left operates. But that didn’t stop Cruz who was fully focused on getting out the message about inflation and how bad Biden has been. It sounds like they were there to push climate change. But we will give Whoopi Goldberg credit for then shutting them down and booting them out.

Whoopi didn’t defend him, but she did stop them so the show could continue.

Cruz didn’t just take on Biden, but he reminded people how much better it had been under President Donald Trump and a sane Republican approach to the economy.

Cruz also took down Biden over a topic that resonates with parents — the DOJ going after parents and treating them like “domestic terrorists.”

Then Cruz took the ladies of “The View” to school on two big issues, showing how ignorant they are and what duplicitous games they play.

Cruz pointed out how they didn’t give a darn about Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams questioning elections, although now they’re throwing all kinds of fits about “election deniers.” In the process, Cruz gets Whoopi to exactly prove his point, when she claims that the 2016 election was illegitimate.

“So it’s illegitimate when Republicans win but not Democrats?” Cruz declares. That’s exactly what they are saying, with their response. They can’t refute what Cruz is saying when he starts reading off a list of all the election denying from the Democrats.

All Ana Navarro can do is try to shut him up by claiming he’s “screaming.” Please lower that truth-telling voice so people don’t hear you.

Then when Whoopi claimed that the left doesn’t “storm” things, Cruz went to town on her with a little truth, revealing that she’s either a liar or was asleep for the last two years, with all the leftist/Antifa rioting. Whoopi said that she didn’t know what an “Antifa riot” was. That’s the problem — they don’t report on the leftist violence that has raged since 2016 (and before) from the left. They’re fully focused on the one riot they want to tag the right with, yet ignoring hundreds if not thousands of violent riots with people killed, billions in damage, and hundreds of cops and other people injured. They completely ignored the anti-Trump/Antifa inauguration day riots on Jan. 20, 2017, for which 200 people were arrested. Then, most had their charges dismissed. “The View” ignored the BLM/Antifa riots that lasted three days outside of the White House, not to mention for months across the country when the Secret Service had to rush President Donald Trump to a bunker. They ignored the months of attacks on federal property when Antifa “stormed” the Portland federal courthouse night after night. When they say, “What Antifa riots?” they’re discounting all the people who were killed and hurt in those riots. They’re discounting people like Secoriea Turner and her family.

Good on Ted Cruz for venturing into the den and showing how broken they truly are.