Ted Cruz Gives a Telling Analysis of the DOJ’s Investigations Into Joe and Hunter Biden


Ted Cruz spoke Wednesday night with Sean Hannity. He shared his insights on the DOJ investigation into Joe Biden, Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys admitted to him that the “laptop in hell” was made by Russian disinformation. This is despite years of calling it such. After years of calling it such, Hunter Biden admitted that the “laptop of hell” was actually made by Russian disinformation.

Cruz is back to warn the public about the DOJ’s attempts to separate Joe Biden from his son. They have not investigated the shocking information on the laptop that could criminally implicate it either.

CRUZ: A special prosecutor has been appointed by the Attorney General. You can determine if the special prosecutor is actually trying to comply with the law. This signal lets you know that you are doing the right thing.

Here’s the deal. If the special prosecutor is following the law, they will be looking into Joe Biden’s connections to Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden made his living selling access to his father and making millions from communist China and Burisma in Ukraine. There are several emails that appear to have been written using official government briefing papers.

It is the email that Hunter Biden receives just before he is invited to join Burisma’s board. It contains 22 points. It contains 22 points. This raises a question. Hunter Biden didn’t read the briefing materials Joe Biden was given. Is it possible that he copied and pasted them, then added them to this email? That’s the $64,000 question. These briefers contained classified material.

The allegation that Hunter Biden used classified documents stolen from Joe Biden in order to pursue lucrative foreign business deals is plausible.

Robert Hur, Special Counsel has been assigned to investigate Joe Biden’s theft of classified documents. He would only need to review the emails and compare them to the briefings on Ukraine at the Biden home in Wilmington, DE. This is strong evidence that Hunter Biden was using those classified documents.

It’s just a thought and nobody knows if it is true. But Hur refuses to investigate the matter and keeps Hunter Biden siphoned from him, then the solution is in. Cruz is correct and I agree with it.

I see that the separation Cruz warned about is already taking place. The current investigation by the special counsel into Joe Biden does not allow House Republicans to subpoena classified material on the president or his son for a detailed examination of the events.

The cover-up was committed by the special counsel. Joe Biden has been treated by the special counsel with child gloves, even though it took several weeks to get started. This is despite everything the DOJ has done. This seems deliberate.