Taxpayer Outrage: Jill Biden’s $345K Flight to Hunter’s Trial Sparks Controversy


Oh, what places you will go when you marry Joe! The Biden administration is often as illogical as a Dr. Seuss story, but it’s expensive nonsense. Jill Biden is a good example. She jets around at taxpayer expense to support her criminal stepson.

Dr. Jill Biden spent at least $345,000 in taxpayer money to fly between France and the U.S., for the D-Day Commemoration and Hunter’s Trial. According to reports, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will reimburse at least some of the cost. The fact that the wife of a U.S. President is spending American money on flights to cover the deeds committed by the president’s family, 80 years after D-Day, and when many of those men are still alive seems especially depressing. Joe’s possible poop on stage, and Jill’s expensive jet trips make America look pathetic.

The Western Journal summarized the facts.

National Taxpayers Union Foundation estimates that Jill Biden billed the U.S. Government for $345,400 in flights.

Fox News, argued that Jill Biden could have spent more than the sum above. The outlet explained that the modified Boeings 747s, also known as President’s Air Force One, have an average hourly cost of $200,000. Air Force Two is “often used” by first ladies, but still costs tens or thousands of dollars per hour. According to reports, the average First Lady’s aircraft is reimbursed at a rate of over $13,800 an hour.

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Whatever way you look, Jill spends taxpayer money like she is high, and not Hunter. At this point, however, it is difficult to distinguish between the Bidens being on drugs and the Bidens simply being themselves. It’s a good thing that this administration has brought dignity and decency back to the White House.

Jill Biden’s office made a meaningless statement to the UK Daily Mail about the matter. “According to relevant regulations used across administrations, the government is reimbursed for the value of first-class fares for these flights from Paris to Wilmington.” They cited an anonymous White House official, who stated that the DNC would reimburse the government, but did not specify how much.

The Daily Mail reported that a one-way first-class flight from Philadelphia to Paris costs $6,655, according to a Google flights search. The White House Military Office is responsible for determining the final ticket price and handling the billing.

All of this amounts to one thing: American taxpayers struggling to make ends meet have to pay tax so Jill Biden, in connection with the highly questionable activities of her stepson, can fly for personal reasons.