Tara Reade Is Ready to Testify Before Congress Against Joe Biden


Joe Biden may face additional difficulties as the GOP is poised to take over the House in 2019. Republicans have promised to hold hearings to investigate a range of issues and situations involving President Obama.

Tara Reade is an ex-aide of Joe Biden and claims that President Obama pinned her against the wall in 1993, while she was still Senator. The police did not investigate.

Reade stated that it was time for the House Republicans to investigate the matter once they had the majority. She stated that she would also testify under oath and that it would be very different to do so. ”

Reade’s fellow colleagues in Biden’s office claimed that they did not know about the incident and denied that Reade had spoken to them about it. The Daily Caller report states that Marianne Baker was the executive secretary at the time.

In all my years of service, I have never witnessed or received any inappropriate conduct reports from Senator Biden. Ms. Reade, not from me. Ms. Reade’s account is not something that I remember or know. This would have left a lasting impression on my professional life as a woman manager and as a female professional.

Reade asserts that Biden would have had to confess something “very other” if they were called to testify in court. This was very strange.

The Biden camp denied the allegations.

Biden may not get as much attention on this topic as he would prefer. Fox News reported that Hakeem Jeffreys, the new House Democratic Caucus Chairman, stated that he believes that Reade’s allegations are serious. ”

Much has been written about Joe Biden’s tendency to touch women, touch girls, and smell them. Much has been written about Joe Biden’s proclivity to touch women and girls, and smell them.

I am not a Trump supporter.

These crimes should be proven and Biden should be fired. Maybe because the ones with the most to hide shout the loudest.