Tampa Bay Rays’ Wander Franco Makes Unbelievable Play You’ve Probably Never Seen Before In Your Life


Wander Franco, the Tampa Bay Rays’ shortstop on the defensive side made an absolutely amazing play against the Houston Astros in their game Monday night.

In the fifth inning of the game, Houston’s Martin Maldonado was at the plate. The Astros slugger hit the ball in foul territory. Franco ran up the field, tracking the ball while he headed into foul territory. He then appeared to lose track of the ball and had to rearrange his body. He ended up grabbing the ball with bare hands from an awkward position, instead of using his glove.

The play was absolutely amazing.

Franco played a part in the game as well, scoring four runs on five, with one RBI. Tampa Bay won 8-3.

The Tampa Bay Rays have been playing amazingly well, at least so far in the season.

If you did not know, the Rays currently have a 20-3 record. They are 4.5 games ahead of the AL East. It’s incredible to see their team rankings. There are four rankings at No. They have four No. In nine categories of batting ratio, they are ranked number one. Six of their batting ratio categories are ranked No. They have six No. 1 rankings in the pitching statistics, and another in the fielding statistics.

As a Florida native, I think it’s a brilliant idea.