Strange Twist in Carlee Russell’s Disappearance


Carlee Russell of Alabama, age 25, disappeared from the face of the earth last Thursday night after she called 911 to report an alleged toddler male who, according to her, was walking by himself along Interstate 459 South. She said she was calling to see if the child was okay and that she would try to rescue him.

You can listen to the call here:

Russell was able to return home on foot late Saturday night. She was disheveled and looked as if something had happened, but police have revealed that her story of being abducted by two women is not true.

Reports on the timeline of events surrounding Russell’s alleged missing indicate that after Russell disconnected from 911, she called her brother’s girlfriend, whom Russell’s mother Talitha Russell said they had a brief conversation before hearing Carlee Russell screaming after speaking to the child and asking if he’s okay.

The police arrived soon after and found Russell’s car, but not the toddler or her.

Hoover PD posted on Facebook that “Carlee’s 911 call is the only report timely of a child traveling on Interstate”.

Authorities claim that a video showing Russell halting her car is available and being analyzed.

In an update to this story, however, the Hoover PD held a news conference Wednesday afternoon, where police chief Nicholas Derzis detailed, among other things, searches Russell did on her cellphone prior to her calling 911:

Hoover Police Department chief Nicholas Derzis said that Carlee Russell who was reported missing in Alabama for two days before returning home Saturday, had searched on her phone for Amber Alerts as well as the film “Taken” prior to her disappearance.

Russell searched for bus tickets just hours before her disappearance, he added.

Derzis added that he wouldn’t share the searches because of their privacy.

“We’re going to speak in fact and I think it’s very, very unusual that on the day someone is kidnapped, they are searching for the movie Taken, about an abduction, seven or eight hours earlier. “I find that very, strange,” Derzis stated.

It sounds as if they don’t trust her story. Watch:

In an interview on the “Today Show”, Tuesday, her family repeatedly stated that there were certain things that they couldn’t discuss. At one point, the police mentioned that they were searching for her “abductor”.

Talitha Russel read the statement. “Carlee gave detectives her statement to continue pursuing her abductor,” Talitha said.

She replied, “Absolutely.” When asked whether she still believes that the alleged kidnapper of her daughter is out there.


The Today Show updated its report after the Hoover PD Presser.

Some people have compared Russell’s story with that of the disgraced Jussie Smollett on Twitter. However, based on what her family and police have told us, there does not appear to be any racial/MAGA element to this case.

It is best to keep the Russell family in your prayers because this family will be facing a difficult time in the weeks and months to come, whether or not she was kidnapped.