Still, No Charges For Man Who Admits To Shooting 84-Year-Old Pro-Life Canvasser


The investigation into the shooting of a pro-life canvasser by a man who admitted to it earlier in the month is ongoing. He is not currently facing any charges.

Richard Harvey, 74 years old, said that he fired a warning shot from his.22 caliber rifle after hearing his wife argue with an elderly pro-life activist. Harvey then claimed he attempted to remove her clipboard but accidentally shot her in the shoulder. The activist, who has not yet been identified, claimed that she was shot in her back as she left the residence.

Harvey said that she came out to find her screaming and having a great time. Harvey also told WoodTV’s News 8 that Harvey had heard several times that Harvey was trespassing.

He said that he “fired a warning shot in a pine tree out front” and then went on to “club away the clipboard of the 84-year-old woman.”

When asked if he was afraid of being charged, the man said to News 8 “It’s always possible. I mean, I shot someone.”

Harvey is still free as of Wednesday. According to reports, the Michigan State Police are still investigating the matter and will send the findings to Ionia County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. There will be a decision on any potential charges.

The activist was protesting against a radical proposal on the Michigan ballot regarding abortion.

Right to Life Michigan stated in a Saturday statement that the woman was canvassing in Lake Odessa when she was hit in the back as she left a residence in a heated conversation.

The nonprofit stated that on Tuesday, September 20, a local volunteer from Lake Odessa was killed while going door to door in her community to discuss Proposal 3.

The statement said that the victim, aged 84, claimed that she was shot in her back/shoulder as she left a home during a heated conversation and that the man who shot it was not part of that conversation. The victim doesn’t know the motive or identity of her shooter. “The victim is still healing from her gunshot wounds and would like to remain anonymous as the criminal investigation continues.”

According to the confessed shooter, Sharon Harvey was the victim’s wife.

Sharon claimed Sharon was arguing with Sharon about Sharon’s pro-abortion proposal. Sharon agreed. Sharon stated, “She wouldn’t accept the fact that she was going to vote yes for Proposal 3. as an answer.” “I told Sharon, women are going to die.”

This story is getting attention due to the Department of Justice’s targeting of Mark Houck, a pro-life activist. He was also a Catholic father of seven children. On Friday, Houck was taken into custody at his Pennsylvania home by armed FBI agents for an alleged assault outside a Planned Parenthood clinic.

After Roe v. Wade was overturned, the DOJ also slept on the numerous attacks by abortion extremists against pro-life churches and pregnancy centers.