Stevie Nicks Slammed for ‘Out of Touch’ Post About Hawaii Fire


There is nothing like an old, well-known lib. Someone who’s glory days were in the 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s. They still believe that the world wants to hear their opinions and are fascinated by their lives. Someone like Stevie Nicks.

I know that those decades produced an incredible catalog of music and that I may be in the minority when I say I was never a fan of Fleetwood Mac. Ditto Supertramp. But that may be because I was once stuck on a six-hour road trip with someone who played “The Logical Song” the entire time. And I mean the entire time.

Stevie Nicks, despite my biases, has apparently forgotten how to sing for long enough to post a tone-deaf tweet on Twitter. This may have broken a record of self-centered insensitivity.

She begins the tweet by reminding readers that she owns a home in Lahaina, the most magical location on Earth. The house was occupied by her niece, her husband, and their son for one and a half days. The fun was ruined by the fire that would destroy hundreds of homes and kill 99 people, with more expected. Oh, and also lives, Ms. Nicks.

The family escaped and returned to Los Angeles where they were “totally frightened”. I’m glad the family is safe but “frightened” does not begin to describe how the residents of that area feel. They are grieving for lost loved ones and worried sick about missing family and friends. Their homes have also been reduced to a pile of ash, just like Ms. Nicks. Like Ms. Nicks, many Hawaiians are struggling with a high cost of life. They didn’t lose their vacation homes. They lost their sole home.

The tweet is a lot of self-absorbed, vapid twaddle. Nicks appears to be wallowing in her problems while ignoring the dire conditions of Maui. Her greatest concession to the suffering residents is that she hopes the woman who sold her opal ring was able “to grab all of hers and run.” To borrow a phrase from J. D. Salinger, Ms. Nick’s tweet was as sensitive as a seat on a toilet.

Even though the tweet was bad, it still didn’t compare to Paris Hilton. The New York Post reported that Hilton was vacationing in Maui, with her husband and her child. Photos of their tropical getaway were published. Thirty miles away, people are fighting for their lives.

These two women have the resources and connections necessary to help those in Maui. They spend their time musing about opals and taking vacation photos. Social media has been used to humiliate both women. This perfectly demonstrates the elite mindset, that having the right beliefs confers immunity from doing the right thing. These two incidents are a perfect example of this attitude. However, we must remember that it is not a flaw, but a feature of the elite left.