Speculation Denied: Michelle Obama’s Office Rules Out Presidential Run


For months, rumors have circulated that the former first lady could run against President Biden

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“Outnumbered”, a panel of experts, reacts to the concerns raised about President Biden’s age and speculations that Michelle Obama might run for president.

Michelle Obama’s office confirmed that she would not run for President despite rumors circulating that the former first lady was considering a bid.

Crystal Carson, the director of communications for Obama’s Office told ITK on Tuesday that “as Michelle Obama, the former first lady, has said many times in the past, she will not be running for president.”

Her team stated that Obama supported Vice President Harris and President Biden. Fox News Digital reached Obama’s communication team.

On Tuesday, Michelle Obama’s office announced that she does not intend to run for president.

Rumors started to spread when Republicans suggested she could replace Biden during the November elections.

According to some political commentators, the former First Lady has the best chance of defeating the current GOP nominee, former President Trump.

Biden’s poll numbers are low due to Republican and Democratic concerns over his age and leadership ability.

Obama said that she had “zero chance” of running for president in 2019.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama and former President Barack Obama at White House Portrait Unveiling.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama kisses former President Obama after they unveiled their White House Portraits at the White House ceremony on September 7, 2020.

Obama stated in the Amtrak magazine The National that “There is no chance.” “There are a lot of ways to improve our country and the world. I will continue to do many of them. There are many things I can do, from working with children to helping families lead healthier lives. Sitting behind a desk in the Oval Office was not something that appealed to me. ”