Singer Sam Smith Paid Tribute to Satan at the Grammys


If you didn’t see it, which you most likely didn’t, the Grammy Awards took place on Sunday night. I used to love the Emmys, Oscars, and Grammys. But politics overtook them and they began to honor entertainment I didn’t like.

Last night’s Grammys saw Sam Smith perform. His recent hit song “Unholy,” a duet with German transgender singer Kim Petras, has been a big deal. He’s famous for his non-binary declarations and for using the terms “they” and “them”. They were awarded the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance award.

Here’s the twist: Smith performed the song as the devil and was flanked by demon-themed dancers.

Talk about being transgressive, hoo boy!

CBS embraced the schtick ahead of the Grammys.

Smith and Petras believed that the most shocking thing they could have done was to offend Christians. These people are unaware that it’s something we’ve all seen before. This should not shock us.

The mantra of the LGBTOMG movement used to be, “We’re here. We’re queer. Get used to it.” Well, we’re all used to it by now, and people like Sam Smith can’t coast on his Luther Vandross-lite schtick or his plural pronouns. So I guess the next level of crying out for attention is trying to shock Christians for the umpteenth time.

What’s the best part? It’s all boring. Until the groomers come to our house.

Aside from that, I would rather discuss how Maverick City Music, one of my favorite artists, tied Beyonce’s record for most awards with four!

Oder, why not discuss how Madonna now looks like a Muppet?

It is no secret that culture has become a hindrance to our lives. It is harder than ever to avoid entertainment that does not offend our sensibilities. If you were to boycott everything, you would never watch or read anything.