Shocking Twist: Brother of Laken Riley’s Alleged Murderer Linked to Venezuelan Gang, Say Prosecutors


We are learning more in the weeks following the murder of University of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley on campus. The suspect and his brother have been arrested. Jose Ibarra was arrested on murder charges for Riley’s death. His brother Diego was also arrested after he showed officers a fake Green Card.

Documents from the court reveal that Diego Ibarra could also be a member of a Venezuelan prison gang. Prosecutors claim that he is a member of the Tren de Arugua group.

WSB Radio reports:

Tattoos of gang members include weapons, clocks, and trains, as well as five-pointed stars, dollar signs, and other symbols.

Diego Ibarra was photographed on February 23. His tattoos include a five-pointed star, a crown with five points, and a teardrop below his eye. These tattoos are also known to have gang affiliations.

Diego Ibarra also displayed the Chicago Bulls’ gear and distinctive hand gestures of members of Tren de Arugula on social media before the murder. He also displayed guns that he wasn’t allowed to own since he wasn’t a U.S. citizen.

The neck tattoo visible in the mugshot at the top is a Tren de Arugua. On the opposite side of his body, he has a five-pointed crown.

In court documents, prosecutors asked that the police detain Diego Ibarra because he is a flight risk. Jose Ibarra may also be a member of this gang, but it’s not clear.

Recent court documents detail the arrest of both Ibarras. WSB reported that “after Riley’s death, police circulated photos of a male wearing a baseball cap with a distinctive logo they believed to be a suspect.” “The ball cap was Adidas-branded.”

Diego Ibarra was arrested the next day when police saw him wearing the same Adidas cap and he presented the fake green ID. Diego’s arrest led to the police arresting Jose and charging him with Riley’s murder.

Diego Ibarra was also arrested for two DUIs. He and Jose Ibarra were cited in a shoplifting case in Athens Ga. Both brothers were released by the authorities each time.

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The media refuses to be truthful, particularly when it comes to Riley’s death. The Associated Press is concerned about women running alone, which is a valid concern but not the main point.

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