Sen. Tim Scott Lays Out Vision for a Safer, More Prosperous America


Erick Erickson’s Gathering is in Atlanta, and many of the GOP candidates will be there. The first White House hopeful in the state to appear was Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C. Scott shared with Erickson and the audience his optimistic vision for the United States.

Scott praised his mother for the impact she had on him. He talked about his success in America as a Black man, and how it proves the country is the land of opportunity.

He said that if you are willing to work hard and put in the effort, you can achieve anything. He cited Ephesians 3:18, which says that God “can do more than we could ever ask or imagine.”

Scott called himself a threat to radical leftists because he goes against the narrative that your race determines whether you are an oppressor or oppressed. Scott said that Barack Obama and other leftists want to “drag” us “back into a past that doesn’t exist so we can eliminate the future.” He declared that Americans should instead “define the future themselves.”

Scott was asked by Erickson about the current state of the U.S. Military. He replied that the federal government should “eliminate any experimentation” whether it be vaccines, ESD, DEI, or gender issues. Instead, Scott said, “We must have one focus, and that focus is lethality”. Scott also wants to increase the military budget so that our combat forces are “loyal towards our allies, and lethal against our adversaries.”

Scott also finds the bureaucracy of the federal government to be a major issue. Scott said that Washington D.C. should return to the 10th Amendment to give back some responsibilities to the states. He also suggested that federal agencies move closer to their constituents and out of D.C.

Scott stated that if you want to stop the Potomac Fever then bring back these agencies to the American public.

The senator talked about woke capitalism. He told a story about when he asked corporate bankers in Washington about their opposition to Georgia’s voter integrity laws. They didn’t know what to say because they hadn’t read the bill despite their vehement opposition.

Scott was asked by Erickson about his life on the campaign road. He replied that he enjoys being on the road and meeting people. Scott also expressed his vision of “restoring order and creating opportunity” for millions of Americans.

Scott ended his speech with a vision for reversing the weaponized justice system in this country. He declared, “It is time to fire Joe Biden.” It’s time for Merrick Garland to be fired. Christopher Wray should be fired. We need to clear out the entire DOJ”, because “Lady Justice is in need of a blindfold.”

Scott’s upbeat and optimistic vision of the future was displayed at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Atlanta.