Santa’s List of Businesses That Are Naughty and Nice to Conservatives


Christmas is just ten days away and yet, some people don’t seem to be interested in being nice. Here’s a list of businesses that deserve Santa’s visit. Let’s dig in.


Coca-Cola made it a woke racist to require all new employees to follow a “be less white” tutorial. What does “be less white” mean? Woka-Cola says it refers to being less arrogant and oppressive, certain, defensive, ignorant, and certain.

Coke can woo the woke crowd if it wants. Coke should skydive for Christmas. They are blatantly anti-white racist and I don’t mind boycotting them.


Snapple, 7-Up and Dr. Pepper are all owned by the same company. Their employees and political action committees (PACs), almost exclusively support Republican politicians. They have not tried to tell children that their skin color makes them ignorant or racist. My favorite soda is Diet Dr. Pepper, and all the other bigot-free varieties they offer.

Fast Food

McDonald’s may wish to take out some names if they are trying to make a statement about racial inequalities. Brown attempted to grab a gun from a police officer. Sterling could not legally possess or conceal the gun he attempted to pull on two police officers (below).

The Hispanic man he was beating shot Trayvon Martin. George Floyd was uttering “I can’t breath” when a policeman placed his knee on Floyd. He might still be alive today if he had not used a lethal dose of fentanyl, had COVID and refused to be arrested for so long.

Because they thought they could arrest a citizen, Arbery’s murderers could be sent to prison for life. Arbery lost to them. Although the deaths of Jean, Jefferson and Arbery were tragic, they weren’t caused by racism. It is infuriating to their memories to include them and Arbery alongside criminals to make a point about racism.

McDonald’s tweeted this tweet. It is racist and embarrassing marketing strategy. Pure bootlickery.


Arby’s is my favorite “nice” fast-food restaurant. Their food is my favorite fast food. Their affiliates give more money to Republicans and Democrats than they do to Democrats. Arby’s hasn’t tweeted anything as horrible as the McDonald’s “They’re one of us” tweet. This is the best thing about Arby’s.


According to Stacey Lennox, PJ Media’s Stacey Lennox, Anheuser-Busch was the creator of Budweiser. They have a 15-module program called “To Be Welcoming” for new employees. It is “based upon critical race and gender theory.” They aren’t as bad as Bud and Busch.


Molson-Coors gives more money to Republicans than Democrats. Yuengling, America’s oldest brewery, supported Trump despite cry-baby libs calling for a boycott.

Yuengling is something I have been drinking since childhood. I have become a bigger fan of Yuengling since I discovered they support Trump. I love a beer that doesn’t fear hair-bunned soi-boi sallies.

Sporting Goods

After the Parkland shootings in 2018, Dick’s Sporting Goods ceased selling guns at their hundreds of stores. Their sales fell like the Hindenburg. They never brought guns back into most places. They probably enjoyed the generous applause.

I think someone with the Twitter handle L McFadyenKetchum MASK UP/GET VACCINATED/MASK UPS spends a lot on sporting goods. (sarcasm). Dick’s is a popular Australian brand.


Bass Pro Shops is all-American. Bass Pro Shops are all-American. Dick limped away with guns while Bass Pro went full auto for the 2nd Amendment. Bass Pro has partnered up with the NRA to fund projects and donates money to Republican politicians. Bass Pro owns Cabela’s. Both stores are more museum-like than sporting goods shops, so I recommend them both.

Mike Lindell is the only pillow man I know, nice or naughty. His company, MyPillow has been taken over by all the “woke” retailers. His crime? Trump support.

Lindell believes President Shartpants did not beat Trump. He produced a documentary called Absolute Proof about the stolen election. It was a laborious project that cost him a lot of money, but he presented a strong argument.

Lindell wears an X around his neck when he does commercials. Even though his pillow peeps warned him that it could cost him some liberal customers. He doesn’t care.

Send a few Mypillows for Christmas to your liberal sister-in-law. You shouldn’t tell your sister-in-law where they came from until she starts gushing over them. Tell her that she might be smarter if she rests her Trump-hating, angry head on a Mypillow for eight hours a night.