Rock Guitarist Found Dead, Allegedly Killed by His Own Son


Police believe that a Canadian guitarist for rock was murdered in his home Monday.

Gord Lewis was 65 years old and was the guitarist for Teenage Head for many, many decades. Jonathan Lewis was his son who was taken into police custody and charged with second-degree Murder.

Lewis’s body was said to have suffered injuries from foul play.

Detective Sara Beck said that she was still looking for witnesses and reviewing video footage from the area.

Lewis’s body wasn’t discovered until his son sent emails to media outlets. Each email spoke of Lewis’ death and requested medical assistance.

“Funeral people need to get here quick. My Dad is starting to decay,” Jonathan wrote to The Hamilton Spectator, a local news outlet in Ontario.

“Now I just want to get help for my sickness and give my Dad a proper burial. He didn’t deserve this,” he reportedly wrote in another email.

Lewis’s fellow bandmates confirmed his death on social media.

They shared that They are still grieving the loss of Gord Lewis, their brother, and bandmate.

The police have not given any details regarding Lewis’ death or when he was allegedly murdered.

Lewis was also co-founder of Teenage Head, which is a music production company that’s been around since 1975.