Rob Schneider: Biden Cares More About Ukraine Than Hawaii


Rob Schneider, an actor, and comedian, blasted President Joe Biden in X – the social media platform formerly called Twitter – for sending a lot more money to Ukraine than the victims of the Maui fires who lost their homes. Biden’s claims of compassion are a joke. This is the man who said “No Comment” when asked about the Maui tragedy while he was on vacation.

Schneider, according to Breitbart, wrote in his blog that “Biden hates Americans.” How else can we, as the public, interpret this? Biden would not have implemented so many bad economic policies if he truly loved this nation. He wouldn’t have withdrawn the troops from Afghanistan, and he would never send billions of dollars of tax money to Ukraine, while citizens of his own country suffer a terrible natural disaster go without any relief.

Breitbart has more to offer:

Biden, who had said “no comment,” when asked about the devastating fires in Hawaii over the weekend, shifted into PR damage control Monday and announced that survivors of the Maui Fires would receive a “one-time $700 per household payment.” According to some estimates the White House payment amounts to only $1.9 million for the victims. The federal government continues sending tens and tens of billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine. Congress has approved $113 billion for Ukraine alone by 2022.

Biden has suffered more criticism for the disparity, as some have called $700 per family insulting.

Former President Donald Trump is among those who have criticized Biden’s bizarrely insensitive response of “no comment.” over the weekend. In a Monday video, Trump called Biden the “most incompetent President in the history of this country.”

It’s refreshing to hear someone as influential as Rob Schneider, who is a conservative voice in Hollywood today, speak the truth and express his opinion. You’ll note that I used the words “brave and courageous” because there are many people in the entertainment business who “hide their conservative views”. Understandable, right?

They could be put on a “blacklist” if they speak out in opposition to the progressive agenda that is rotting America from the inside. Consider what happened to Roseanne Barr or James Woods, for instance. Barr may have made a rude comment, but the reaction was not proportional to it.

There are, however, more people like Schneider who speak the truth, no matter what.

Schneider’s most recent comedy special “Woke up America” is aimed at liberals, according to a June report by the New York Post.

The liberal intelligentsia will not forgive you. Schneider told “Fox & Friends hosts in an interview that you don’t understand it. “So don’t bother.” “Stick to your guns.”

“At the very end,” said the comedian, Adam Sandler’s close friend, “you must go where there are jokes and make fun of those who deserve it.” I also think that the authoritarianism of the liberal intelligentsia deserves to be ridiculed, and it is easy to do.

The comedian discusses a wide range of controversial topics including why people are now hysterical when they hear the word “woman”, and other things that we should all learn to laugh about.