RFK Jr. Excoriates ABC News For Hatchet Job


Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Democratic presidential candidate, slammed ABC News. He accused the media giant for a “hatchet-job,” defamation and spreading “unsheathed Pharma propagandist.”

Kennedy’s comments come after ABC News admitted that it had edited out content from an interview, and accused Kennedy of falsely claiming vaccines.

Linsey Davis, an ABC News reporter who interviewed Kennedy, wrote in a message to viewers, “Kennedy has made false statements about the COVID-19 vaccinations” and “misleading assertions” regarding vaccination and autism. We’ve used editorial judgment to exclude “extended parts of that exchange” from our interview.

Kennedy slammed ABC News.

Kennedy claimed that “47 USC 315″ makes it illegal for television networks to censor Presidential Candidates. But Thursday, ABC demonstrated its contempt for democracy and its audience, by cutting the majority of the content from my interview with Linsey, leaving only cherry-picked excerpts and a defamatory statement,” Kennedy claimed.

“Without providing any evidence, ABC justified its censorship of me by falsely claiming that I had made ‘false allegations’. Davis and I had a respectful, lively, and informative debate about the government’s Covid Countermeasures. I am happy to provide citations for every statement I made in that exchange. I’m sure that ABC’s censorship decision was a surprise to Linsey, too. The public was treated to a smear campaign instead of journalism. Instead of receiving information, the public received defamation as well as unsheathed Pharma propagandists. Americans should be able to listen to the entire interview in order to form their own opinions. How can democracy work without a free, unbiased press? He tweeted: “As President, I’ll free the FCC from corporate captors, and force it to follow the law. By revoking licenses for networks that place the mercantile interests of advertisers before the public interest.”

Davis said that Kennedy had previously stated that there was a link between vaccines and autism. Kennedy, however, reacted when Davis claimed the idea had been “debunked.”

Who debunked it? Kennedy asked.

Kennedy called the World Health Organization and the National Academy of Sciences “captive agencies” and rebutted Davis’ claim that there was no scientific connection between the two.

Kennedy, the nephew of late President John F. Kennedy is challenging Joe Biden to be the Democratic nominee for president. Biden announced his re-election bid earlier this week.