Revealing New Insights Into Fani Willis’ Relationship With Special Prosecutor


Scott McAfee, Fulton County Superior Court Judge, will hold a hearing at the end of the week about alleged conflicts and corruption surrounding Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, and her investigation into Donald Trump. McAfee promised that the hearing would be televised, so people should be glued to their televisions.

The relationship between Willis and Nathan Wade is a key story in the Willis case. She hired him as a special prosecutor, although he had no experience with corruption cases. Willis admitted last week that she and Wade had been having an affair for years.

In the last week, it was revealed that Willis hired her boyfriend in order to give “special prosecutor”, a new meaning. Willis and Wade, it is reported, had a more prolonged affair than initially acknowledged. They also allegedly moved in together.

A tweet thread by Techno Fog shows that affidavits will be part of the testimony. They show questions regarding Willis and Wade living together in multiple places and continuing their affair over a longer time period.

In one excerpt, it says, “In paragraph 17 of your affidavit you swore you met Ms. Willis on October 19, 2019 at a Municipal Court Training.” Is it true that at this conference you started more than a friendship? This is a different timeline from what Willis and Wade had previously stated. It also predates Willis’ nomination of Wade as special prosecutor for the Trump investigation.

The same excerpt indicates two places where Willis, Wade and their children lived together. A bullet point from the excerpt states, “Also, witnesses will testify you cohabitated at Ms. Willis’s home in South Fulton, until her father moved into her house, and then you began cohabiting at the apartment of her friend in East Point.” Both locations are located south of Atlanta, in Fulton County.

Prepare yourself for a shocking revelation if you thought that the allegations could not get any more slanderous. Another excerpt claims that Fulton County taxpayers funded a “safehouse” for Willis and Wade near Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The excerpt states: “Also, witnesses will testify you cohabitated at an AirBNB in Hapeville which was paid for with taxpayer money as a “safe house” for you and Ms. Willis.” If true, even Fulton County residents would be outraged if a DA had an inappropriate relationship with a county employee.

A “safehouse” built with taxpayers’ money. This case could not be more lascivious and corrupt. We should probably pop some popcorn and watch the Friday hearings.