Republican Leaders Respond to Biden’s Grotesque Impeachable Offense Exactly as You’d Expect


Are you up for some strong-worded letters from the top Republican leaders? That’s what we’re going to get from the top Republican leaders after Joe Biden declared he would illegally “cancel” student debt for some of America’s most wealthy individuals.

We reported previously that the plan will eliminate $10,000 of debt ($20,000 for pell grant recipients) for those earning less than $125,000 ($250,000 joint filers). But it gets worse. The administration will allow people to use their 2020 income for eligibility, meaning that many people who make a lot of money today will be eligible, based on an artificially low income during the pandemic.

This is, in my opinion, one of the most morally deranged and grotesque moves in American history. The welfare state isn’t new. But this is something different. It is a targeted, direct redistribution in wealth from the lower-middle (and many upper-middle-class people who did things right), to liberal, college-educated individuals with better job prospects and more money. It’s a late-stage republic type of stuff.

It’s also impeachable behavior, as I wrote the day before the announcement. You would think that Republicans would run to the nearest microphone to explain the situation and let the world know that Biden has committed an illegal act.

We got this instead.

You will be surprised at what isn’t mentioned in these statements. McConnell and his associates can’t bear to suggest that Biden should be impeached despite him committing the most transparently impeachable act in decades. Only bad orange men can be impeached if they make mean tweets. It’s in the constitution. A president who deliberately breaks the law to get votes for a midterm election? We don’t want too much rashness, right?

This is really about Washington’s perversion. These beltway apparatchiks believe that breaking the law is acceptable as long as it is done in a manner that is “normal.” However, what Biden is doing is illegal and is always encapsulated in bureaucratic machinations. Trump disrupted the status-quo and was loud so he had been dealt with, despite not having committed an impeachable offense.

Recalling the GOP’s past guard, these political mediocrities can only shout about Biden’s illegal student loan “cancelation. They couldn’t find anything more with all the experience they have gained in Washington and their overpaid consultants. There is nothing to impeach Biden or its illegality. It’s just shouting at the clouds. It’s amazing and frustrating. This is exactly why the GOP must make major changes at the top.