Rep. Chris Stewart Confronts Yellen Over IRS Agent Showing Up To Journalist’s Home


Republican Utah Rep. Chris Stewart confronted Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen asked Wednesday why IRS agents allegedly showed up at the house of a journalist as he testified in front of Congress.

Matt Taibbi, an independent journalist, claimed that he was visited at home by an agent the day before he testified before Congress about the weaponization and use of Twitter. Taibbi was left a note by the agent asking him to contact the agency. He later learned that his tax returns for 2018 and 2021 were rejected due to identity theft concerns.

Stewart confronted Yellen regarding her knowledge of the situation and raised concerns.

Stewart stated that a journalist, Matt Taibbi (who isn’t conservative) was present before us a few weeks ago. He is an independent journalist, but Stewart says that he is progressive, not to the left. “During the brief time he is appearing before Congress, an IRS agent arrives at his house and leaves him a handwritten note. This is something you are familiar with? Do you know this?

“No, I’m not,” Yellen said.

“It’s been well-reported and I could give you more details, but here it is: A journalist appears before Congress to discuss the weaponization the federal government and an IRS agent visits his home during that time. Stewart stated that he has never seen an IRS agent make an appearance at someone’s house, unless they are being investigated for fraud.

“You’re an economist and a mathematician. What are the chances that the IRS showed up at someone’s house while he was testifying before Congress about the weaponization the federal government? It’s not that small, it’s probably one in a million. You didn’t know about that, and now that I have told you, I want to ask you, as direct oversight by the IRS, is that something that bothers you?

“It’s definitely something I would like to look into,” Yellen stated.

Stewart stated, “It seems amazing that this was a coincidence. This seems almost impossible.”

Taibbi told Congress that Twitter was under pressure from Democrats, government agencies, and other groups to censor speech. This eventually led to Twitter censoring the New York Post article about Hunter Biden’s laptop.