Raskin Gets Accused by Comer of Playing Lawyer for the Biden Family


Lawyers aren’t cheap and those who represent high-profile clients like, say, presidents, cost a fortune. The good news for Joe Biden is that he has one (a fortune), although how he amassed it is a question that the House GOP-led Oversight Committee is attempting to delve into, albeit not without significant resistance.

Biden has even more good news: Jamie Raskin, Oversight Ranking Member (D-MD), will provide him free legal help according to James Comer (R–KY), chairman of the committee.

Comer issued a press release Thursday in which he described Raskin’s apparent focus on Biden, and not really looking into evidence of corruption.

Ranking Member Raskin is a lawyer for the Biden families, and he tried to make the documents appear that they were only for purchases at Papa John’s and Starbucks. As an example, he conveniently left out the $3 million wire that was sent from China to an associate of Biden’s family. This transfer then went to several Biden family accounts.

“Multiple individuals have approached the Oversight Committee as whistleblowers with a desire to share information confidentially. It should be no surprise that whistleblowers do not trust Ranking Member Raskin. He has revealed himself to be untrustworthy by releasing disingenuous, misleading financial information from the Committee’s investigation. These desperate attacks launched by the Ranking Members will undoubtedly continue, but it’s a sad display that the American people can see through. Instead of throwing a tantrum about the Committee’s oversight, Democrats’ time would be better spent continuing to coordinate with the Biden family to come up with a believable explanation for what the bank records continue to show. As we continue to work to uncover the truth, we will be undeterred by Ranking Member Raskin’s antics.”

Those latest antics referred to by Comer? Raskin wrote his own five-page letter on Thursday, decrying Comer’s media appearances and “evasive treatment of witness information.”

According to the Washington Examiner:

Comer repeatedly claimed that there were four whistleblowers in the investigation into President Joe Biden’s involvement with an influence-peddling scheme.

Raskin claimed Eric Schwerin, the president of Hunter Biden’s investment company, and Kathy Chung, an executive assistant to Joe Biden when he was vice president, were the only people with information.

The article states that the committee staff treats whistleblower information with caution, which is understandable. Comer stated that several whistleblowers have come forward but expressed concern over Raskin.

Comer responded to the letter criticizing Democrats on the committee for being “openly hostile [to] investigation” and confirmed to The Washington Post, that many people had come forward as whistleblower Republicans on The Washington Post.

Comer stated that “As Raskin knows, the Oversight Committee is bound to protect whistleblowers.” “The Oversight Committee continues to focus its investigation on suspicious activity reporting that were kept at the Treasury Department and records we have obtained from banks of Biden family members or associates. ”

While Comer and Raskin trade barbs, fortunately, the committee’s investigation does appear to be progressing, albeit slowly. Expect more smoke to be blown in our faces by Raskin. But you know what they say about where there’s smoke…