Protesters Clash Over Parental Rights and LGBTQ Rights, Blocking Streets in Downtown LA


In downtown Los Angeles, dueling protests erupted Tuesday, as parents’ rights activists marched through the streets, while a group of LGBTQ youth supporters gathered at Gloria Molina Grand Park. The LAPD tried to separate the two groups and at least 2 people were arrested.

Passions ran high.

Parents wearing T-shirts declaring “Leave Our Kids Alive” protested against the government’s aggressive role in promoting LGBTQ ideologies in the classroom. They also objected to the “indoctrination,” the “sexualization,” or the “grooming,” of children in school:

The protestors for parental rights expressed their frustration at the rally with the California Governor and the California school district. Gavin Newsom has supported legislation that requires the teaching of LGBT issues in schools and protects children’s right to choose their sexual identity.

Jessica Enos homeschools her children and said, “I reserve my right under the First Amendment as a Christian to teach my children about God and to teach them what is right and wrong.” “That’s the job of the school.”

Newsom, as we reported, emphasizes this teaching and has tried–alongside Attorney General Rob Bonta –to intimidate Chino Valley Unified Schools District to reverse course on a policy that would require parents to be informed when their child changes gender identity. In June, when parents protested against the local school board pride events and were met by Antifa counterprotesters, the protests in Glendale became violent.

Videos of the protests revealed a chaotic scene.

LAPD later called it an illegal assembly and ordered the people to disperse.

A protester, named John, did not want to have his last name made public due to safety reasons. He explained that he was against a recent reading of a book at Saticoy Elementary School that discussed same-sex parents.

He said that teaching topics such as this in kindergarten was wrong. When you tell them that stuff in kindergarten, it will stick in their heads. They can make decisions when they are older, but not yet.

LA Unified released a statement about the protests.

Los Angeles Unified is committed to being a welcoming environment for everyone. Every student in the district deserves to have their whole self accepted and celebrated.

These tepid statements will not reassure many parents who believe that sexually explicit material and LGBTQ ideology have no place in schools.