Project Veritas Drops Part Two in Its Exposé of HHS Corruption


Yesterday’s story was about Project Veritas’ first installment of Project Veritas exposing the complicity of the Department of Health and Human Services in trafficking migrant children. Today, Part Two dropped.

Here are some highlights from the latest installment by James O’Keefe’s team:

  • An immigrant was forced to pay $150 for a forged Social Security Card.
  • A minor child works in a restaurant from 4:00 P.M. until 2:00 A.M. to pay off a bond.
  • Children and adults, as well as children, have paid huge amounts to traffickers in order to get into the United States. They also incurred enormous debts that cannot be repaid.

Tara Lee Rodas, the whistleblower, told O’Keefe:

Most people believe that sponsors are families, which I also believed at first. HHS states that they are reuniting families with children. This is a horrible thing. Then you consider the children who are now teenagers and have never gone to school and cannot read or write. This is a wicked way to exploit these children.

It was also done by people who worked for our government.

The second video is available below. Jessica Vaughan, Center for Immigration Studies, comments that the Biden administration denies that they incentivize and facilitate trafficking. She prefers to claim that it is reuniting family members. Is it denial or simply refusing to acknowledge an “inconvenient fact” as the Left used to say? If Rodas’ comments are any indication, HHS wanted to keep everything under wraps.

One week I spent in Cambodia with an NGO that rescues children from human trafficking. I met girls as young and as old as six years old who were being sold for sex. A girl was confined to a wheelchair after she was trafficked because she was too small to work. She was given a substance to disable her neuromuscular function and then put on the streets with a cup to eat. In her wheelchair, she died as a child. Children who suffered from horrific injuries will continue to struggle for their recovery. Sometimes they were sold or kidnapped by their families. They were often lured into slavery by those promising them high-paying jobs. They were given a number instead of their names. They were beaten and made to use drugs and forced to work or follow the lead of evil men to survive. They will not pay their debts if no one intervenes. We tell ourselves that these things don’t happen here. They do happen, and they are supported and assisted by the United States government.

Apart from the fact this is a terrible situation and that the people who are supposed to be doing it are so selfish and lazy that they don’t care about the lives they are destroying, the media was disappointing me as well. O’Keefe brought out something terrible, and I checked last night and today to find out who had taken it up. Nothing. It was not something I expected the mainstream media would do. It would have been too much. Nothing from Fox News, Fox News, The Free Beacon, or the Daily Wire. Although I am aware that the Respect for Marriage Act will be a game-changer for many, we knew that the Dems would eventually get it through. We should also know that Ron DeSantis is a writer and that Trump was hoodwinked in some way by Ye and some juvenile, odious groups. Balenciaga is important, but it’s not the only story. The contents of Elon Musks’ nightstand, and, God forbid, the results from his colonoscopy, are relevant. The news about Trump’s actions, statements, or lawsuits is probably breaking news. Someone somewhere is ranting about a celebrity who unfollows another celebrity on social media because of a dispute about traditional marriage. Someone had to take up the story.

This is important. It is our government that has actively participated in harming children, many of whom can’t read or write, or don’t know their birthdays. The government doesn’t seem to care. It has convinced itself that all is well. It believes there is a greater good to be done by running these people through the meat grinder. No matter how great its speech, power only cares about it.

It was encouraging to see it being adopted by local media outlets and spreading through social media. The heroes of America don’t come from wealthy or famous men who earn astronomical amounts of money playing children’s games. America’s heroes have always been and will continue to be ordinary people who believe in something greater than they are.

Again, I request that you tell everyone. We would love for you to share our stories. If you prefer, you can also share the originals from Project Veritas. Please tell everyone you know, and some people you don’t. It doesn’t matter who gets the bragging rights or the byline. This is how the story is told. HHS can be reached by phone or email Contact your senator or congressperson. Yes, Sen Mike Lee, a Utah resident, is calling me. I covered your speech at the election watch party. You promised us changes, sir. This would be a great place to begin.

You can call Elon Musk if you wish.

I am familiar with all the arguments against illegal immigration. It is why I oppose it. A government that is so dysfunctional it has become evil is also something I oppose. A month’s salary is enough to bet that this is just the beginning of what power abuses can do. No matter what one’s status is in immigration, respecting every human being is possible. This is not what our government has done. We have to be better than our government. Let your voice be heard.