Inside Michelle Kosinski’s Eye-Opening Dinner with MAGA Supporters


I was transitioning from right to left, when my soon-to-be brothers and sisters-in-law used the tactic, “You’re just too smart for that!” As someone who had once embraced the Left’s principles, it was implied that I was being tricked into joining Team Red.

They were not concerned about my mental state. They were trying to remind me that they still held the moral and intellectual high ground and that I had, short of developing an evolutionary tail, managed to stumble a few steps back on the scale.

This is a common line of thinking among people who are largely useless and create their reality, such as most television and film actors and the remnants that pass for mainstream media.

We can therefore view Michelle Kosinski’s lamentations with some sympathy. Kosinski, a former CNN reporter, revealed that she was horrified to discover that, inadvertently, she shared libations and broke bread with people she thought were conservatives. She took to X to find some catharsis and hopefully a few fellow travelers.

Kosinski made it very clear that the key to success was vigilance. There are MAGAs everywhere, and they seem to be normal people. Behind that glass of Chardonnay, they’re waiting a moment to force you into a pickup truck, put a red cap on your head, make you eat beef-jerky, or possibly even read you the Gospel of John.

Kosinski would have never thought that a normal, educated, and logical person could read the tea leaves of the international and national media and come to the obvious and reasonable conclusion that, in reality, the country was not better off four years ago. She further reinforces this disconnect by saying, “If people never talk about these issues with their friends and neighbors and only exist in their distorted information silos, then how can they learn what’s true or false?” How can the truth make people consider other options? “The allure of bulls*** has co-opted decent minds.”

The pathology at play here is not alarming but is a natural result of years spent self-conditioning. The media and the Left have spent many years in the Misty Mountains. The Left, its propagandists, and Gollum have spent years in the Misty Mountains, telling themselves that the One Ring is his birthday gift.

My precious, the White House and the Supreme Court…they were our birthday presents. Nasty, filthy MAGAses! They stole them from us! They stole the preciouses. MAGAses! Thiefs! We hate them, my precious! We hate them FOREVER!

The difference is that Gollum has flashes of self-awareness, insight, and accountability.

Why should we feel sorry for Kosinski choking to death on the cold reality cup? She is not to be pitied because she believes in the Leftist fiction. She is like the grandmother from Flannery’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find.”

The grandmother raised her voice like an old parched turkey hen begging for water, and shouted, “Bailey Boy! Bailey Boy!” As if her heart was going to break.

The Misfit said, “Jesus is the only one who has ever raised the dead and He shouldn’t have done that.” He threw everything out of balance. You can either throw away everything and follow Him if He has done what He said. If not, you have no choice but to enjoy your few remaining minutes by burning down someone’s house, killing him, or any other cruel act. “No pleasure but meanness,” said the man, his voice almost snarling.

Kosinski like her grandmother, refuses to acknowledge the harsh reality facing her and the rest of the country and the doom it brought with it. Like Misfit in O’Connor’s novel, the Left’s latest manifestation is a chaos agent. Kosinski like her grandmother, believes by chanting the mantras loudly and long enough, she can make what she wants come true. Kosinski believes, even worse, that her devotion to the cause will earn her a spot at Aspen’s Afterparty. She will be adjusting skis, trimming greens, cleaning tables, and washing dishes like the rest of us.