Pro-Abortion Stacey Abrams Tells Georgia Voters Having Children is Why You’re Worried About Inflation


Stacey Abrams was brutally murdered by both the Left- and Right-leaning parties for her “expert opinion” about ultrasounds being used to make fetal hearts. She insists that her stance on abortion-on-demand is what counts to voters, and not the stark reality that Joe Biden’s inflation means that voters must make tough choices about whether to feed their families or get to work.

Abrams appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe discussing her campaign and how she intends to win her bid for Georgia’s next governor. This interview was recorded just 20 days prior to the November 8 midterm elections.


Mike Barnicle is a contributor. Abrams was interviewed by. He asked questions.

Barnicle : “I would assume, perhaps incorrectly, that while abortion is an important issue, it never reaches their level of interest in terms of the cost of food and gas. What can a governor of Georgia do to address these concerns?

Abrams did not offer a plan to address inflation in Georgia. Instead, she chose to increase her support for the message of abortion being under threat.

Abrams: “Let’s be real: Having children is the main reason you worry over the price of gasoline. Also, it is the reason why you worry so much about what a governor can do. ”

“Georgian women with children are struggling to feed their families due to high food prices. This inflation wouldn’t have been a problem for me! ”

We are also referring to a state which passed its own legislation on the heartbeat in 2019 long before Dobbs. This means that Georgia’s heartbeat law is now in effect.

Abrams stated Kemp had accomplished his goal of “endangering females, stripping away their right to choose and denying them the ability to make decisions for themselves.” He proudly denies women the right to medical decision-making in a situation that can often be fatal for pregnant women.

South people love to tell dogs that they won’t hunt. Abrams seems determined to win this race to make her fraudulent claims about another election being stolen.

Governor Brian Kemp and his staff took advantage of it. Abrams willingly stepped in (again), so it is not wrong for the governor to grind in the turd. If he hadn’t, I would question his political instincts.

They’re spot-on:

BOOM. Georgians can be pragmatic, and Abrams is one of them. My colleague Sister Toldjah wrote about October’s CNN polling.

Kemp leads by six points. There is more movement among African American voters than the general electorate in Georgia, which is a key state with large black populations.

According to the MSNBC contributor, Abrams stated that she had wrapped the barnacle from her abortion allegiance tighter around her neck, which means she will sink faster.

Hopefully, Georgians will vote accordingly, for their legitimate and practical concerns, and not the manufactured issue of abortion under threat.