Possible Domestic Terror Act Rocks New Year Concert in Rochester, N.Y.


In Rochester, New York, two people were killed after an SUV filled with explosives rammed into a crowd leaving a rock concert for the New Year. The incident is being investigated as a potential act of terrorism.

The New York Post reports that “a couple died and many others were injured hours after the New Year began when a car loaded with explosives barreled through a crowd leaving a rock show in upstate New York.” The crash happened at 12:50 am outside the Kodak Center, Rochester. Around 1,000 people had just left a concert by the rock group Moe.

Sources in law enforcement said that Rochester officers were assisting pedestrians to cross the street, when Michael Avery, an alleged bipolar man from Syracuse sped up his Ford Expedition and crashed into an Uber that was pulling out of a nearby parking lot.

At a press briefing, Police Chief David Smith stated that the force of the collision had caused two vehicles to crash into two other cars and then through a group of pedestrians who were standing in the crosswalk.

The fire department took nearly an hour before they could put out the intense fire that erupted from the cars.

Sources and police reported that a couple in an Uber was killed while the driver was taken to hospital with a non-life threatening condition.

Three pedestrians — including one who was still clinging to life — were struck by flying cars.

Avery was taken to the hospital with severe injuries.

The Post reported that he died from his injuries at around 8 pm on Monday.

Avery’s motivation is still unknown, but authorities discovered a suicide letter and other materials in his hotel room. The FBI is still investigating this incident even though they have not found any links with terrorism.

This is some amazing dashcam video footage.

“Our Joint Terrorism Task Force has been involved in this case, but it’s not unusual.” “I can confirm that our Joint Terrorism Task Force is involved, but this is not unusual in a case like this,” Jeremy Bell, FBI Rochester Bureau, said on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday, there were reports of explosions at Roosevelt Island in New York City on the East River.

Firefighters rushed to Roosevelt Island after reports of explosions early on Tuesday morning. However, it was unclear exactly what these incidents could be.

The FDNY responded to a report about shaking and explosions at The Landings on Main Street just before 6 a.m., according to the department.

According to fire officials, the blasts occurred south of Roosevelt Island Bridge and Tramway. Residents of Manhattan and Queens raised the alarm.

Con Edison was ultimately entrusted with the scene, according to the FDNY.

Con Edison’s spokesperson told The Post there were no reported service disruptions and no one was without power.

Crews are investigating the reported explosions.

The incidents occurred just weeks after a border explosion occurred at Niagara Falls’ Rainbow Bridge, which connects the U.S. with Canada. The initial indications indicated a possible terror connection, and authorities explored the possibility that a second car was involved. However, investigators determined later that a reckless motorist caused the accident.