Portland Is Seriously Baffled by its Broken Windows Epidemic


Portland, Ore., is awash in broken windows, and what to do about the destruction now eludes the city’s top brass. Yes, really. You’d think that, after all this time, Portland might have caught a clue about how to stop the trashing of its city, even though there’s literally a theory of policing called The Broken Windows Theory Of Policing. But, to borrow a Barack Obama-ism referring to the Big Guy, never underestimate the ability of Portland to eff things up.

Broken windows theory says that police should enforce the law against small crimes, and broken windows are small crimes. This will prevent the spread of more serious and corrosive criminal acts.

Residents and crackheads in Portland learned something from the 2020 Antifa/BLM Riots: Criminals don’t pay for other people’s trash.

The lure of violence was attracted to Portland by a lax Soros District lawyer, sloppy police work, and white-boy summer antics.

After years of Antifa and anarchists smashing windows, very few people were held accountable. The news media finally looked up, shrugged their shoulders, and said, “Gee Gomer! There are many broken windows in this healthy village.”

As though smashing windows in historical societies wasn’t enough to give you a clue.

KGW TV reported that vandalism was reported in Portland approximately every 42 minutes. Many storefronts were repeatedly hit. Businesses that are repeatedly told by insurance companies to pay their premiums are becoming tired of being told. Portland’s recalcitrance is not being paid by insurance.

KGW reported that the landlord Matt Kaplan said, “We’ve seen quite a lot of it,” as a team of repairmen repaired the broken glass on his Old Town property. “This was their fifth vandalized window in three years. ”

Mayor Ted Wheeler said that even though he managed Portland to third-world status, he still has a job. This means taxpayers will have to pay the bill for Wheeler’s crime sprees and window-smashing.


Poor funding, dumber vaccine mandates, and dumb BLM ideas have all contributed to the underfunding and understaffing of local police. Local police reported that vandalism has increased by 2/3 since 2017. This is due to the dumb BLM ideas, dumber vaccine mandates, and inadequate funding of local police.

After the Antifa and BLM 2020 riots in Antifa, BLM2020, plywood was still covering county courthouses. The City That Works is not the City That Works.

Portland’s downtown core was destroyed by the Antifa riots. Portland has seen a decline in population. It is a Leftist utopia.

KGW was informed by a professor at a nearby college of criminal justice that crime is getting worse because “fewer people live in downtown Portland [and] there’s not as many eyes and ears around to stop crime.”

This is a crime. The responsible person should be charged for ruining once-fine towns.