Pelosi Hits Italian Beach on Luxury Vacation as Husband Faces DUI Charge


A month after receiving a DUI driving home from a California winery, Paul Pelosi and his wife, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., took off to the beaches of Italy over Independence Day.

While America celebrated its birthday and experienced sky-high inflation and gas prices. The Pelosis enjoyed a vacation at the Forte Dei Marmi’s Alpemare Beach Club, just outside of Florence.

The speaker’s husband was arrested for DUI a month before they were seen walking along the sand with Andrea Bocelli, a legendary Italian singer, and Veronica Berti.

They were also seen chatting with the Italian club owner and his wife in one of the beach tents. The speaker was engaging in the conversation.

Take a look at the photos:


According to reports, the speaker was not recognized by beachgoers while she was on the Mediterranean shore. Lifeguards asked her who she was.

The staff also followed the Pelosis along the beaches as they gallivanted around Italy.

The resort where the Pelosis stayed is so exclusive and expensive that patrons must request a quote via email for a private cabin.

According to the club website, “Take a few sips in the blue ocean and enjoy the warm Tuscan sun on the VIP Beach. “The Maestro Andrea Bocelli could even make an appearance!” ​”During your time at Alpemare, you will indulge in a wonderful wine tasting of Bocelli wines directly from the Azienda Bocelli accompanied with a delicious appetizer​.”

The Pelosis get to take a luxury vacation in Italy, while inflation continues to plague many American families and most of us can’t even afford to go on vacation this year.