Oz Drops Nails a Perfect Troll After Fetterman Refuses to Debate


Is Mehmet finally finding his stride in Pennsylvania? It almost feels like it, especially after John Fetterman refused to appear for the first debate.

We previously reported that Fetterman was transformed from a “meme-lord”, to a helpless victim, in a matter of seconds. He also lashed out at Oz for making fun of him for refusing to participate in the debate. That attack was used by the Democrat to excuse himself from the basement and claim that Oz wasn’t taking the process seriously.

Everyone who pays attention to the race knows that Fetterman doesn’t want to debate the fact that he can’t. It’s difficult to see the lingering effects of his stroke, and it’s impossible to say if he ever improves. He can’t stand for more than two hours to answer questions. In fact, Fetterman did not answer a single reporter’s question during the general election.

Oz could easily have pulled back, given the media’s immediate focus to declare Fetterman’s illness off-limits. But he hasn’t, and today he launched a perfect troll using Fetterman’s words against him.

Here’s Fetterman’s original February tweet that graces Oz’s Twitter banner.

There’s always a tweet. Fetterman makes a strong impression by praising debates in contrast to his recent decision not to take part. He is your typical tough-talker, but in reality, he is a weakling. Although he loves to appear witty and likable through his carefully crafted social media accounts, he can’t stay awake for more than five minutes debating Oz without being physically ill.

You can say what you like about the Republican, but he is a smart guy. He is an expert on the issues and knows how to address them. He is charismatic in person, and anyone who doubts his ability to communicate his ideas hasn’t been paying attention to his career over the past two decades. Fetterman is not like that. Fetterman is a terrible speaker and far-left radical. He knows that the more Fetterman speaks, the more the campaign will be exposed as a fraud.

Oz has every right to keep the pressure up, but he should also ignore the whining and grinding of teeth that will undoubtedly follow from the media. Fetterman isn’t a victim of circumstances. He chose to be where it is. He could have walked out of the Democrat primaries and told his supporters to find another candidate. He pushed through to the general election and is now open for business. Anybody who says otherwise is simply trying to gain an edge.