Over 1,000 Students in Iran Fall Ill On Eve of Three-Day National Strike


Iran’s student union reported that more than 1,000 students at four universities had been affected by “food poisoning.”

The outbreak caused by mass illness occurred on the eve of a strike to mark “Student Day”, which marks the anniversary of the murder of three Shah’s students by secret police in 1953. The regime claims that the evidence points to water-borne bacteria as a source of the poisoning, but the student union is claiming it was targeted.

It was also impossible for universities to treat dehydration symptoms, leading to speculation that the illnesses may not have been accidental.

The Protests are continuing in the interim.

Jerusalem Post:

Video footage of Iran’s cities and towns revealed many businesses closing down, including in Tehran, Isfahan, and Bushehr.

There have been strikes reported by businesses in Kurdish areas almost every day since the protests began over 11 weeks ago.

On Monday afternoon, demonstrations were also shown in Tehran’s metropolis.

Protesters posted leaflets online calling for Iranians to join mass protests from Monday through Wednesday when Student Day is observed.

No reports of violence are available at the moment, but Wednesday’s Grand Finale will be held in Tehran’s Revolutionary Square.

Many prominent Iranian names support the cause despite the crackdown.

Authorities closed two businesses owned by Ali Daei (a former star of Iran’s national football team) because more Iranian public figures are supporting the protest movement.

The ex-striker, who scored 109 international goals, claimed last week that he was threatened after expressing his support for the antiregime movements.

The authorities closed down a jewel shop and a restaurant that Daei owned during the move.

A state news agency reported that “Following cooperation in cyberspace with anti-revolutionary organizations to disrupt the peace, business, and market, a court order was issued for Noor Jewelry Gallery to be sealed.”

The large number of Iranian companies who have joined the strike and the participation of Iranians from all walks of life could make it a success.