OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney Allegedly Stabbed Boyfriend to Death in Front of Security Guards


In a lawsuit filed by the victim’s lawyers, it was revealed that security guards at a Miami luxury building “did nothing” when an OnlyFans model is alleged to have butchered her boyfriend. In an age of unspeakable cowardice, evil has triumphed because good men like these security officers did nothing.

Do I need to remind my readers of the Uvalde school shooting in Texas where the police stood outside of the building as a shooter went berserk and injured many people, including children? This was unacceptable. The same goes for these security guards. Their job description requires them to intervene in such situations.

According to The Blaze:

A new lawsuit claims that Courtney Clenney and Christian Obumseli arrived at their Miami high-rise just after 4:30 pm on April 4, 2022. Upon arriving at their Miami home, the couple began to fight. According to the New York Post, the front desk employee at the building began receiving complaints about the noisy couple around 4:45 pm. The building’s security was alerted to the disturbance, and they responded to the apartment on the 22nd level.

Building security was called to the Clenney apartment, they knocked, heard screaming through the door, and stood outside. They did nothing, despite knowing that Ms. Clenney had a history of disturbances within the unit and in common areas. She also has a history of volatile, erratic, and aggressive behavior, as well as a recently diagnosed mental disorder.

The lawsuit said that by the time Clenney had finished her crime at 4:58 pm, security officers saw Ms. Clenney and her dogs covered with blood, and Mr. Obumseli already unconscious. Had the security or building staff performed their duties as soon as they were notified of the fight 2 minutes after the start, Christian Obumseli might still be alive.

Katherine Fernandez Rundle, the State Attorney, said that at 4:57 pm on Sunday afternoon, the OnlyFans model called 911 and reported Obumseli as having been stabbed. The police arrived at the scene around 5:04 pm.

The complaint states that “They allowed Mrs. Clenney commit murder without intervening — they stood outside of the door while she committed her heinous act and did not stop or try to stop it from happening.”

Clenney allegedly stabbed Obumseli with a knife in the chest after an argument. Who hasn’t had a spat over a significant other, and then casually stabbed a knife in their chest in public? Sarcasm, folks. Sarcasm.

Clenney was filmed in her apartment with her hands in handcuffs, covered in blood. Frank Prieto has said that Clenney acted in self-defense when her boyfriend grabbed at her throat.

In a press release, Prieto stated that Courtney had acted in self-defense following the mental and physical abuse of Obumseli. The amended complaint lists the numerous times Courtney requested help from security or the police. However, it is distorted and leaves out important details that don’t fit the false narrative.

Clenney’s lawyer had previously said that Clenney is a victim of domestic violence and that she was also a victim of human trafficking. He later stated that the couple was in a toxic relationship and that they separated after dating for less than two years. What were the signs that the couple was in a toxic relationship? Was it the knife on the chest? I’m betting it’s the knife in the breast.

The Miami-Dade Police Department responded to the apartment of the couple nine times in total, including a call for domestic disturbance that occurred just two days prior to the stabbing.

Clenney was officially charged with second-degree murder for the death of her partner. Model OnlyFans, who boasts an Instagram account that has over 2,000,000 followers, has denied the charges. She is currently in jail, without bail.