Obama’s DHS Secretary Calls Biden Border Crisis Unsustainable


The Department of Homeland Security reported that 18,000 illegal immigrants were expected to encounter them daily a day earlier. This is especially after Title 42 was removed.

“The border is a difficult issue. I’m waiting to see if and when they will drop Title 42 for the south border. Johnson stated that it is a way to keep numbers down. However, these numbers are quite high.”

“Typically, March and April are the biggest months. We will soon reach one million in six months. It was 68,000 for the whole year. That was a high number and made me feel like the end of the world. These are huge numbers. He said that they are not sustainable in my opinion.” You make a great point that Title 42 could be lifted so the public health debate can move to the south border.

Although the Obama administration did not have an impressive record in border security, Johnson was critical of the decline of the border under Biden’s watch. In September, Johnson declared that “We must get control over our borders.”