Nikki Haley’s Presidential Hopes Face Turbulence in New Hampshire


Nikki Haley believed she had a shot in New Hampshire when Ron DeSantis dropped her.

“Ron DeSantis is a great governor and I wish him the best.” Only one state has so far voted. The state has voted in half, with Donald Trump receiving the other half. She said, “We’re not a nation of coronations,” following DeSantis’s announcement. “Voters should have a say on whether we continue down the path of Trump and Biden or take a new conservative route. New Hampshire voters have the final say on Tuesday. “When I am president, I’ll do everything I can to prove that they made the correct decision.”

New Hampshire voters have different ideas.

The latest poll, which was conducted after Haley left the race, shows that Trump now has a 20-point advantage in New Hampshire. This is a major blow to Haley, who had hoped for a strong performance in this state.

According to the Daily Mail/J.L. Partners’ latest poll shows Donald Trump in a strong lead with 57% of the vote. Nikki Haley is trailing behind at 37%. This is a dramatic change from December, when Haley was only four points behind Trump according to the same firm.

Johnson stated that “DeSantis leaving the race added rocket fuel to Donald Trump.” The poll was conducted on multiple days and showed that Trump’s support increased significantly after DeSantis left the race.

Johnson said that “[Donald Trump] had a 40-point advantage over Nikki Haley on our final fieldwork day – and this was all after DeSantis’s loss.” This means that our final poll, which takes into account all the days of fieldwork, gives Trump a 20-point advantage. Trump’s victory looks certain, especially when you consider that Haley voters lack enthusiasm. Donald Trump is now surrounded by a sense of inevitability. “If this poll is correct, the primary contest will end tonight.”

Haley had bet on an impressive showing in Iowa, but ended up third. She placed her bets on winning New Hampshire, or at the very least placing a strong 2nd place. Polls indicate that neither of these outcomes is likely. She trails Trump in her home state by double-digits. If these results are confirmed in the voting, then I agree that Nikki Haley could be done with her campaign Tuesday night. She would want to avoid an embarrassing showing in her own state.