Nikki Haley’s Bold Move of Renaming Her Husband


This story might seem like a gossip piece for The View, and it is. But it also speaks to the manufactured persona that is Nikki Haley.

William Michael Haley, current husband of one Nikki Haley, was born William Michael Haley.

He retained his name until some lady with limitless political ambitions and no organic identity decided that wasn’t good enough.

Nikki did not wait for marriage before she started working on him.

Fox News:

Nikki Haley, the current Republican presidential candidate, wrote nearly 12 years ago about how she had renamed her husband. This was resurfaced during the Republican primary.

Vox’s senior political correspondent posted an excerpt from her book “Can’t Is an Option”, published in 2012, where Haley describes how she changed the way people refer to Michael Haley, her husband.

Haley writes in her book, “You might be wondering how Bill became South Carolina’s First Gentleman Michael Haley.” “After we began dating, I asked him, one day, what’s your name?”

Were you dating your husband before you asked his name?

Tell me that you are weaving a thread without telling me that you are full. This woman is the biggest con since Liz Warren claimed to be Native American to get DEI points. She looks like Lady Gaga, who has a plastic face.


“You know, it’s Bill,” he said, confused.

You don’t seem like Bill. What is your full name?

“‘William Michael.'”…

“From that point on, I started calling him Michael and all my friends did the same. When he transferred to Clemson his sophomore year, my friends became his friends, and before we knew it, he was universally known as Michael. Everyone who knew him before I did knows him as Bill, and everyone who met him after I did knows him as Michael.

Imagine that you are Will, Big Mike, or whatever you call yourself when your dominatrix mother is not around. You would have to be completely lacking in self-respect to let this woman unilaterally declare the name of your child unacceptable.

Ironically, the person who condescends to her husband’s name, “William”, is originally Nimarata. She was Nimarata before she became a Republican and declared herself to be a candidate for office.