Nikki Haley Visits Border And Delivers Her Plan To Solve Crisis


Former U.S. Ambassador Former U.S. Ambassador and 2024 Republican candidate Nikki Haley visited Monday’s U.S.-Mexico border to present her plan to solve the illegal immigration crisis.

Haley suggested a mandatory E Verify program for employers to ensure that they aren’t hiring illegal immigrants. He also fired 87,000 IRS agents to “at least” 25,000 Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. This was done during a press conference in Eagle Pass, Texas with Republican Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales. U.S. Customs and Border Protection has seen a record-breaking increase in illegal immigration at its southern border.

“Then, the most important thing that could make a difference is to stop catch and release and get caught and deported. Haley stated that illegal immigrants will not come if you deport them.

Federal authorities have recorded over 2.3 million migrant encounters during fiscal year 2022, and more than 1,000,000 between October 2022 & February 2023.

Haley said that she would bring back “Remain In Mexico” to make illegal immigrants wait for their court dates southward. Title 42, a Trump-era expulsion order used in mitigation of COVID-19’s spread, will also be kept.

“Why aren’t we doing this?” Stop being insane, we are doing this to ourselves. Haley stated that this isn’t a Republican issue or Democrat issue. It is a national security problem.”

Haley also blamed President Joe Biden on the surge at the border.

“First, Biden must open his mouth and call it a crisis. He needs to let his cabinet agencies state that it’s an emergency and they need start dealing with it. Congress needs to get in a room and fix it.” Haley stated that both Republicans as well as Democrats should come to the table.