New San Diego Ordinance Changes the Definition of Woman


The San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved an updated definition of “woman”. This would allow biological males who identify as females to be admitted to shelters and jails as well as domestic violence shelters.

Shelters for domestic violence also house biological men This sounds like a recipe for disaster

The ordinance was officially ratified Tuesday by at least three to two votes from each party line.

This ordinance adopts the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, which was approved in 1979.

The CEDAW Ordinance is made up of three parts. Discrimination against Women refers to any restriction, exclusion, or limitation based on gender at birth.

The Board held a public hearing about agenda item 34 on April 26 before taking a procedural vote. The ordinance was supported by only forty-eight of the public speakers, and it was opposed by four-hundred-seven.

It is obvious that the board does not care about its constituents’ opinions.

KUSI, a local television news station.

Nora Vargas (Democrat supervisor) is one of the ordinance’s backers. It is claimed that it will protect women from discrimination. But, opponents rightly point out that the San Diego County ordinance alters the historical definition of “women” so that it includes biological men.

There was a strong backlash. Esther Valdes Clayton, an Immigration lawyer, gave a passionate two-minute speech against the ordinance.

She said that Nathan Fletcher had been encouraging us to trust science for the past two years. You can tell if a woman is real by the way she looks at you.

Valdes-Clayton said, “I was also brought up in Tijuana. And I would love you to ask me: How much were they paying you to sell our culture, values, and our language? ”

Republican Supervisor Jim Desmond also voiced his discontent.

The bill’s supporters had a different opinion. Nathan Fletcher, Chairman of the Board, condemned some rhetoric’s “cruelty”.

Nora Vargas (Supervisor for Education and Sports), accused speakers of spreading incorrect information about the ordinance.

It is difficult to understand the bill and believe the words she says. Let’s take a closer look at one section.

Men and women can identify as either males or females.

This is a difficult concept to grasp. An athlete who is biologically male could still compete as a female.

Although we don’t know the future, this week was a turning moment for Democrats. They shouted about women’s rights and then tried to take away women’s rights.