New Jersey Army Vet Falls In Love with Jihadi


Life can take us in unexpected directions. But Maria Sue Bell’s story is more exciting and full of surprises than many. Bell was an Army National Guard soldier in 1984 and 1985. She was then on Army Active Duty until January 31, 1986. As a warning sign, Bell’s criminal complaint states that Bell “received an OTH (other than honorable) Discharge deemed Good For Service in lieu of Court Martial.” However, this is now overshadowed and Bell was sentenced to three years imprisonment for hiding the money and assistance she gave to her lover, a terrorist in Syria, who even talked to her about striking in the United States.

Bell was blinded by the love of Abdullah Flayes, which is what they say. While some women fall for accountants or doctors, Bell clearly wanted someone more adventurous. In any case, she did get it. Flayes was an Islamic Jihadi who belonged to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, which is another name of the al-Nusra Front. The U.S. government has designated Flayes as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

According to the Franklin Daily Voice in Pennsylvania, “HTS” is allegedly led by Mohammad al-Jolani who was the founder of the al-Nusra Front. This group has been called the most aggressive, successful, and successful’ jihadist organization looking to establish an Islamic State in Syria. Federal authorities claim that the group is made up of many al-Q0aeda-militants, but they claim to be independent of al-Qaeda.

Bell did not hesitate to accept her lover’s views and allegiances. According to the complaint, Bell used mobile apps, including Encrypted Applications, Social Media, and Communication to communicate with and give advice to HTS members in Hopatcong and facilitate money transfers to HTS. Even worse, Bell also “used Encrypted Applications to provide additional information that could support acts of terrorism by HTS.” She provided guidance to HTS members regarding operational security, communications, and firearms purchases.

Bell offered all of this and built herself up to be an expert by “often citing her profession, including her specialized military gun training while in active duty with the United States Army as well as her background in Army National Guard.” Bell sent money to Flayes for $3,150 via Western Union intermediaries (subsequently giving him advice on purchasing weapons and ammunition).

Bell saw all the violence plotting as love light. “Dearest one,” Bell wrote to Flayes one time, “You brought me to Islam and introduced me to a place where I am peaceful and happy.” She tried to dissuade Flayes to strike inside the United States to show her love. Bell replied to him, “If you,” which is the U.S. government “want to strike the Syrian airports,” and said: “Does that not make you think of what you will do?” And: “Think dear All those who support Syria will be in danger.” I live close to New York, and I have connections on [REDACTED] with many revolutionaries. Think about it… Would you be willing to assist those who are being held?

Bell wanted to help. According to The Daily Voice, Bell was carrying travel tickets from Egypt to Turkey when she was arrested in November 2020. It was a long time ago. That is a memory that many people have and keeps them suspicious of us. It was a terrible tragedy that killed many people. Although it was tragic, Americans don’t know what the consequences will be.

One never knows how romantic relationships will go these days. But in the ranking of relationships from hell, the one between Abdullah Flayes and Maria Sue Bell has got to be way up there.