New Intel Points to a Lab Leak as Probable Origin of the Pandemic


According to a classified report, which was given to the White House recently, several members and staff of Congress concluded that the COVID-19 outbreak most likely stemmed from a laboratory error.

The origins of the pandemic were not known to the Energy Department. Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence, provided this updated information in response to the classified 2021 report.

The U.S. intelligence community has yet to reach a consensus on how the pandemic started. Although the FBI and Energy Department back the lab leak theory and four intelligence agencies support it, two agencies remain unconvinced.

Wall Street Journal:

New intelligence is the basis of the Energy Department’s decision. This is significant as the Energy Department has a lot of scientific expertise and oversees many U.S. national laboratories, some of which conduct advanced biological research.

Those who have read the classified report say that the Energy Department made its decision with “low confidence”.

According to the FBI, the pandemic was likely caused by a lab leak in 2021. The FBI still holds this view.

Now, it is doubtful that the coronavirus leak was linked to a Chinese biological weapon program. The incident was unrelated to military activities at the laboratory.

It is possible, however, that runaway gain in function research was accidentally leaked from an unsafe lab.

Jake Sullivan, a U.S. national safety adviser, answered questions about Sunday’s Journal report. He stated that President Biden asked that the National Labs (part of the Department of Energy) be included in the assessment because he wants to use all tools available to find out what happened.

Mr. Sullivan stated, “There are many opinions within the intelligence community. ”

So long as the Chinese Communist Government doesn’t have enough data on the first COVID-19 patients, it won’t be possible to get any definitive information. We could learn a lot about the first victims of the Chinese, including the gross negligence of the Chinese and incompetence that caused six million deaths worldwide.

Beijing has destroyed any paper information that was left. Many of the people involved are still alive and can be persuaded or talked to