New Developments Fuel Speculation About Michelle Obama Running for President in 2024


Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama are living luxurious lives that we mere peons can only imagine. The former first couple may be jet-setting around Europe to meet up with their fancy friends because they find it boring to stay in their mansions on Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii, or Washington, D.C. The couple was middle-class before Barry became a public official.

The Obamas, who were touring the area that is known as “white supremacy,” or, what most call Western Culture, joined the Spielbergs to attend a Bruce Springsteen concert. Michelle and Kate Capshaw (Steven Spielberg’s spouse) were invited to the stage for “Glory Days” to perform with Bruce Scialfa’s wife Patti Scialfa. The sight made leftists all over the world swoon as they remembered the glory days of Obama’s administration.

Some political observers think that there is more to this story than just a couple of power couples who are able to enjoy a privileged life and lord it over the serfs sitting in the cheap seats. Newt Gingrich is one of those who are known for their sharp mind. He spoke out on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo.

Gingrich stated that he was “very impressed” when Mark Halperin, on his Wide World of News, aired the video of Michelle Obama performing with Bruce Springsteen. She is playing a tambourine. Gingrich warned that Republicans should pay close attention to Michelle Obama. It wasn’t until I saw her with Bruce Springsteen that I believed it. Now I know that this is not someone who is hiding.

Gingrich made the observation during a conversation he had with Bartiromo about another recent White House development: Susan Rice’s departure as Joe Biden’s primary domestic policy advisor. The Fox host said, “The President’s reelection announcement [came] only one day after Susan Rice left the White House.” Is it just a coincidence that Susan Rice, the former director of domestic policy in the Obama administration, left the administration the day before Biden made such an important announcement?

Gingrich said, “I thought that the most amazing video for Biden this week was when he couldn’t remember that he was in Ireland. He’s staggering around and asking, “Oh, what? Where was I?” I mean, it seems that he is steadily becoming more forgetful. “That’s not a very strong base to run for President.”

Bartiromo asked, “Do you think that Susan Rice leaving the White House a day before Biden announces this is just a coincidence?” I mean, this is a very significant event. What do you think is going on? I don’t even know if it’s her managing someone else’s campaign or if she will run against Biden. “But clearly, Democrats have divided views on Biden’s bid for reelection.”

Gingrich argued that Gingrich’s wife didn’t want her to be a part of Biden’s reelection. Gingrich then mentioned that he was struck by Michelle Obama’s recent high profile, concluding: “So, it is possible that Susan Rice and others have started to say they don’t want to be a part of some kamikaze campaign with a man who can’t recall what he did yesterday.”

Bartiromo noted, “I also saw the video on Twitter. Apparently, they are traveling with Steven Spielberg, his wife, and, uh… yeah, she got up onstage, again, sparking questions about Susan Rice’s stepping down.”

It is fascinating to speculate on the palace intrigue surrounding power-mad, calculating Democrats. As usual, the decision by the Democrats to nominate a dementia sufferer as their standard bearer is both unprecedented and horrifying. What’s happening behind the scenes?

It is possible that Democrats are desperate to try to replace Michelle at the last minute, bypassing the normal debate and vetting process a candidate goes through, so Republicans don’t get the chance to bring up her numerous issues. The Obama wing of Big Left may be rebelling against Biden Collective, and considering a direct challenge. This would cause a major split within the normally Borg-strength united party.

Maybe what’s happening is that people who are not blinded by politics, and who still believe in fair elections, can’t accept that this slow-motion train crash is what it seems to be. That Democrats would nominate such a decrepit man to the highest office in the world and are forced to believe that there is more to it.

No one can be that stupid, is it?

Watch Gingrich & Bartromo: