Nearly Half of American Men Report Suicidal Thoughts, Majority Lack Meaningful Relationships


A poll by Equimundo found that 44% of men were suicidal, and 65% said “Nobody really knows me.”

Even if the figures are inflated to suit narrative purposes, they reflect a trend of dejection, isolation, and suicidality that is consistently observed in polling among young men.

Via Equimundo:

The men of the United States are in trouble. Many men in the U.S. feel their futures and identities are at risk. The situation is acute, but anxiety about the future has been a part of boyhood and adulthood for ages. Boys and men are told to “man up” or “be real men,” but if they cannot meet impossible standards of toughness or self-sufficiency or dominance, or stoicism, their identity is taken away.

Stoicism is what men and boys need now more than ever. Stoicism helps men to deal with adversity and not crumble into dust. It teaches them to manage expectations, to focus on the things that are within their sphere of control to change, to take action, to let go of neuroticism, which is a fear of forces beyond their control, to do something about it, to stop worrying. This is a recipe to build the mental fortitude sorely lacking in men and boys today.

Women are attracted to all forms of strength and repellent to weakness. This is why men can’t find partners. It is impossible to change this biological imperative.

Instead of addressing this issue, Rising chose to have a segment hosted and narrated by two women, who don’t understand masculine psychology. They interviewed the beta male, who said that what society needed was weaker men, more dependent men, more helpless, devoid of “toxic masculinity,” when the solution was exactly the opposite.

Millennials, and Zoomers, in particular, are often criticized by older generations as being feckless. They are the product of a dysfunctional social-cultural environment in which they were raised. Everyone got a prize, no one learned to overcome obstacles, and they never had to do anything on their own. Postmodern pop culture taught them to think that nothing really matters and that only religious idiots and naive chumpy twits care about anything. Single mothers raised them at rates that were previously unfathomable. All of their natural interest was labeled “toxic.”

The font is where their nihilistic, learned helplessness comes from. It is not the question of “why so many young people are messed-up” but rather “how can any of them function at all?”