Nearly 30 University of Massachusetts Students Taken to Hospital Due to TikTok Drinking Trend


After nearly 30 students from Massachusetts were brought to the hospital by TikTok, the University of Massachusetts has raised alarm.

Officials said that Saturday’s student sightings included students carrying jugs containing a mix of alcohol, electrolytes, and flavoring. This is a new trend in binge drinking, which is growing in popularity on TikTok.

According to reports, 28 ambulances were dispatched to attend off-campus parties. Officials said that there were many calls for ambulances to transport students with alcohol intoxication.

Amherst Fire Department stated that none of these cases were considered life-threatening. Officials from UMass claim that this is the first instance of widespread use by BORGs at parties off-campus.

Daily Hampshire Gazette reported that two underage drinkers were arrested by UMass Police and Amherst Police. According to the newspaper the hashtag #borg has been viewed more than 74.7 million times on TikTok. Since at least 2020, it has been featured on TikTok’s Chinese-owned social media platform.

Poison Control states that the “BORG,” a container sealed by students and carried around at parties by them, has been highly praised for its ability to prevent the spread of infectious diseases as well as reduce drink spiking.

Some believe that this trend reduces hangovers because it involves customizing the drink with electrolytes.

Experts warn that “BORGs”, which contain typically a fifth vodka, can still cause alcohol poisoning if they are consumed for a prolonged period of time.

The university stated that the weekend’s events would be evaluated and that steps will be taken for alcohol education. Students who are planning to enter the university already know about the medical and physiological risks associated with binge drinking.

Local media reported that the weekend’s celebrations are called the “Blarney Blowout” by UMass students. It is an annual unannounced event related to St. Patrick’s Day.